Wrongdoing of biblical proportions

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“I am not a religious person, but a big question has been working its way around my mind, so in a true ‘Power My Home’ style, I will share this with you.”

Life on Earth beyond our own lifetimes.

Life on Earth beyond our own lifetimes.

In the old-testament, Sodom and Gomorrah were apparently destroyed by our designer, overlord or loving god (choose appropriately) for being bad people at that time. Roll the clock forward a few thousand years and we as a species are now destroying ‘his/her’ creation and yet we still haven’t managed to be bad enough yet, to warrant a Sodom and Gomorrah style intervention.

How much destruction of ‘his Eden’ has to occur before we make any ‘creator’ angry again? How many of ‘his’ other species and creations do we have to make extinct in this current massive extinction event to warrant another Sodom and Gomorrah style revenge attack?

This is an important question because a large proportion of the human population believe in these religious writings, yet don’t fear ‘upsetting’ their god, gods or deity.

Religions of all styles instruct that one should live a certain way to achieve access to an afterlife. I think the advice is sound, but the meaning has been misunderstood.

Have we misunderstood the true afterlife message?

For humans to continue to ‘survive’ on this geological roller-coaster ride through the galactic spiral, we must live by basic principles which encourage our DNA to survive after death. The true ‘afterlife’ is our species living beyond our own unselfish lifespan and not individual heavenly fantasies as previously taught (for money I must add).

How many times have you misinterpreted a simple text message on your modern phone, so misunderstanding a fifteen-hundred-year-old book can be forgiven, especially as so many have edited the book to suit their own purposes?

We thought the teachings of the Bible were about individualism (how can I survive death) when the message of living to ensure entry into an afterlife was really all about DNA survival. Geological time is long and are we not sprinting in a race more adept to a marathon?

This can now be clearly seen as our world is now in clear and distinct danger of wiping not only us but a lot of other species out too, through misinterpretation of writings given to us to see the bigger picture.

As the amount of CO2 quietly exceeds the scary 400ppm mark, the masses continue to be distracted by the machinery of commerce. As the oceans turn acidic and the planet’s poles show undeniable evidence of a quickening and predicted warming process, how can religious institutions stay quiet? Religious institutions should be the sharp edge of the environmental movement.

As the human race now begin the process of burning even dirtier fuels like tar sands, as we deforest even more swathes of virgin habitat, I ask how bad does this really have to get before people as a collective respond, admit we got it wrong and begin the necessary processes needed to respond to the ecological disaster now facing us all.

The decision to enter the afterlife is not an individual goal as most of the religions teach, but a collective human one to prevent our species going the same way as billions of others who have gone before.

To think we can continue on the same path that has brought us to this 400 ppm marker is a fool’s paradise, and without the power and influence of the religious institutions to help steer this titanic civilisation to safety, then the current species loss will become only the small end of the iceberg approaching.

As we have since found out, the Sodom and Gomorrah story was based upon natural processes, and so we will find out that we mess with the nature at our peril.


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June 11, 2013
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