What the hell is going on?

“The established religions who purport to know what is going on, actually don’t really know what is going on, but preach to others who equally don’t know what is going on that they know what is going on, so what is the hell is going on here?”

Eye in the sky or pie in the sky?

Eye in the sky, or pie in the sky?

I personally suspect the story of the universe and life within it, is much more fantastical and with time running much, much deeper than the most brilliant scientific minds can imagine.

Do not fear to be eccentric in your beliefs because every opinion now accepted as gospel, was once believed to be eccentric too. Beliefs, religions and acknowledged science, changes in relatively short periods of geological time.

I simply believe, you didn’t come into this world; you come out of it. Like a wave from the ocean or a leaf from a tree. You’re around for equally a short a time as both and neither have any idea of the external forces which allowed their existence to be.

However, both the leaf and the wave as part of a collective, bring great beauty, life giving nutrients and essential habitat to the world, its purpose not obvious to the local observer, but nonetheless, all essential to the survival of this all encompassing entity we once called Eden.

Unfortunately, this mechanism for life isn’t taught within our most popular religions. Without it, it has led to praise of a creator, but not his creation.

We break the ecological systems that have taken eons of deep deep time to create at our peril. The fight for our civilisation is won; the ability to keep it depends on our ability to worship the Earth, the Sun and the holy, life-giving water, which are the essential ingredients for our own survival.

No god, no matter which name he comes under, would or should forgive a species that inherently destroys its other creations, but the hard truth is that no system of belief can be sustained long-term without a healthy ecology around it.

I suspect if a second coming of Jesus is possible as predicted in most religions of the world, his first words may be, “What have you done to this place?”

A new respect for our one and only planet is required by those purporting to know what is going on, and just like you, I occasionally think I know what is going on, but in reality, I haven’t a clue, what is really going on but neither do the blind-faith preachers of the world – if they’re truly honest.

For the love of god

It has always perplexed me, why the religious institutes haven’t been at the spearhead of the green movement. In fact, ironically, it seems to be non religious people who are pioneering the green movement.

It took over 400 years for Christianity to spread throughout the Roman empire. Over this period, pagan gods, which gave greater emphasis on the natural world, were replaced by the Roman christian way of thinking we know today.

Unfortunately, the Roman view of nature was more of a resource to be exploited and we have continued this in our modern world today. Modern climate problems are not a modern symptom, but more likely a planetary fever that has been in development for hundreds if not thousands of years alongside mankinds development.

At a time when climatic problems are becoming so obvious to see by all, the great religions of the world stay silent, why?

Yes, a few churches have installed solar panels as token gestures, but the hearts and the minds of billions of devout people could now be used to protect this now wilting Eden.

Should Islam, Christianity and others not be great custodians of the creator’s creation. Should not the worlds environmental campaigns and politically green parties be bolstered by the billions of people who currently adopt the gods teaching into their daily lives.

In life, people tend to wait for things to happen to them. And, by waiting, they miss out. What people pray for doesn’t fall directly into their lap; it falls somewhere nearby, and you have to recognise it and put in some effort yourself to retrieve it.

This isn’t because the universe (or God) is cruel, it’s because the universe (or god) is smart and recognises that anything that falls straight into your lap, will not be truly appreciated.

Like Eden. We didn’t appreciate its beauty or its spiritual value and now it’s disappearing fast. The early signs of a climatic and ecological meltdown is now in progress.

For the love of god and all creatures great and small, we need to convert to protective custodians of our god given Earth to secure our spiritual and earthly bound longevity. Maybe that’s what’s going on. Maybe?


"Feel the pride."

Solar Stu on
Founder of Heat My Home.