What do food prices and energy prices got in common?

“Did you know that Russia has banned exports of its wheat surplus, due to shortages by freak weather conditions over the country?”

The consequences of this will soon be drastic and painful, as the UK will see food prices rise steeply over the next year.

As the global demand, for oil and gas increases and the realisation that the easy to reach oil has already been exhausted, how long will it be before countries like Russia decide that they need to conserve their supplies for their future generations?

How long before the penny drops about peak oil prices, and, like wheat, our country is faced with a shortage of imported energy? The consequences of this do not bear thinking.

Stuart Lovatt from Heat my Home adds, “I have constantly been aware over the years about the effects of being reliant on other countries for our basic needs, which the UK is for its energy and food.”

“What Russia has demonstrated here, and what I have always predicted, when push comes to shove, is that it could stop exports of energy to Britain as shortages become apparent. This will leave the United Kingdom helpless because we rely on Russia for 70% of our oil and gas supplies.”

As our government has proven time again, it cannot be relied on to prevent problems like this.

Governments do not have foresight further than the next election. It is now time we all took responsibility for our own power and heat generation.

Do not get caught out by the energy crunch.


"Feel the pride."
September 3, 2010
Founder of Heat My Home.

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