Timing is everything when installing solar panels

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“The UK has reached a remarkable milestone with over half a million solar panel installations confirmed today, but will you be in time to benefit from this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

When timing is everything.

When timing is everything.

Some people view others as being lucky, I say it’s all about timing and being in the right place at the right time. If you’re reading this now, then you too can be lucky enough to be installing solar panels at just the right time.

Throughout my ten years of working with solar panels, I have always preached relentlessly that its best to install sooner, rather than later, but never has this been so true as it is right now.

As the old saying goes; the planets and the universe are currently aligned perfectly for the benefit of new solar panel adopters. Two major changes within the solar industry recently are going to see future adopters of this now much loved and preferred technology receive far fewer incentives to install than current adoptees, but ironically, the more time passes by, the reasons to adopt will become clearer.

China knows this and our government knows this too. That’s why China is going all out and has been for many years now to control and dominate the world’s supply of photovoltaics, and additionally – why feed-in tariff incentives are being scaled-down for future installations.

So back to timing. Over the last decade, I have spoken to many pre-feed-in tariff householders who installed solar technology way before their current popularity and the consensus is that they wish they had waited to benefit from the current incentives that people enjoy today. The opposite will be true for future installations whom will wish they had installed sooner to receive the benefits currently available.

The popularity of solar panel technology has, not surprisingly grown in line with climbing, traditional energy prices, so their popularity will inevitably continue to rise as energy costs rise too.

This identical trend between solar panel take-up and energy costs are no accident. The timing in solar adoption is down to not only the beginnings of the incentive scheme and energy costs but to the lesser known domination manoeuvres by Chinese state-funded manufacturers which have halved the cost of photovoltaic panels over the last decade. China currently enjoys 70% of the photovoltaic market share and rising.

A worldwide Chinese monopoly, like all other monopolies will mean higher prices in the future.

Installing solar panels now is a unique window in time. All good things come to an end and cheap solar technology is no exception.

Few people realise the cost of heating and powering their homes will double by 2020. A conservative estimate by the energy suppliers with or without shale gas extraction.

The element to take from this is ‘get them while they’re hot’. Get them ‘while the incentive scheme is generous’, ‘get them while the costs are at an all-time low’ and certainly before the madding crowds want them suddenly and unexpectedly.

And then there is anti-dumping tariffs

China’s domination of the worlds solar panel markets comes in two tiers. Firstly, they control 90% of the rare earth mines that are needed for the manufacturing process. Secondly, state-subsidized manufacturing has flooded the world markets with ultra-cheap PV panels to deliberately put western manufacturers out of business.

To help prevent this unfair approach, the European Union had to implement ‘anti-dumping’ tariffs on Chinese manufactured panels. The rates are complicated but put simply, these tariffs have already raised the price of installing solar panels as the extra costs get passed down to the consumer.

This current window of opportunity for cheaper panels is closing and additionally, there will be further reductions in government incentives as the once fledgeling solar industry grows stronger.

This is why timing is key and installing solar panels to your home today will become the best buy you will make this decade.

  • Enjoy the freedom of lower bills again as your neighbours dread there’s.
  • Benefit from a steady, long-term and guaranteed income stream at a better rate than your bank account.
  • Smile in the full knowledge that your panels will cost you less than others on your road in the future.
  • Love your solar panels and feel the pride that being the first brings you with the full knowledge that you installed them just at the right time.

As energy policy and costs continue to spiral, solar panels are going to become a necessity and not a luxury.

However, sometimes in life, the planets align correctly and you benefit from being at the right place at the right time.

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