Fight for civilisation is won, fight to keep it has just begun

“It’s the growing scarcity of oil and the unacceptable way we are damaging our environment to access the last dregs left that force me to write this article.”

Game changing solar panels and installations.

The biggest forthcoming problems of our modern world include the most basic needs such as; sufficient food, water and energy which allow us to lead decent lives are becoming more costly and over stretched.

The basic energy within our lives is a means, not an end, but a necessary means, so returning to a world that relies on muscle power cannot be an option.

The challenge or fight, is to provide enough energy whilst reducing our dependence on fossil fuel, which supply 80% of our current energy requirements. The other 20% comes from biomass, hydro, nuclear and renewable such as wind and solar panels.

Reducing our use of fossil fuels is crucial if we are to avoid serious climate change associated problems and in anticipation of a time when energy resources like oil and gas become scarce, making them prohibitively expensive. We are just beginning to see the beginnings of this trend today in our energy costs.

A scenario, which assumes major increases in nuclear, hydro and wind and solar power, evidently will not go far enough, as many oil industry experts expect, oil demand, which is assumed to increase by another 15% and thus peak oil predicted soon, the gap between demand and availability will make life uncomfortable for everyone.

We all need to go further in reducing our personal demands, through changes in lifestyles, increasing efficiency and improving and deploying green energy technologies to help plug the gap.

It won’t be cheap, and in a post fossil fuel era, it won’t be sufficient without major contributions from solar energy and nuclear fission, although uranium will eventually become scarce too.

Stuart Lovatt from Heat my Home adds “Disappointingly, with the present rate of investment growing exponentially, but not fast enough, and the world will still be dependent on fossil fuels at a time when much of the large oil and gas producers begin rationing their outputs.”


"Feel the pride."
January 3, 2011
Founder of Heat My Home.