The fight for civilisation is won; the challenge of keeping it has just begun!

“In 2004 I first coined this phrase, as a way of explaining to people that the modern world in which we all live is by no means permanent.”

The achievements which have enabled our modern life had to be fought and died for, but now we are at the pinnacle of our modern civilisation, we will now have to meet the challenge of keeping, what we have taken for granted”, explains Stuart Lovatt from Heat my Home.

Things have changed dramatically since 2004, which have changed our view of modern society and how vulnerable we really are, and I believe the phrase has become more poignant as we struggle to pay our increasingly higher energy bills caused by a modern world which is straining the resources it depends.

A new report has revealed that energy use in UK homes has risen sharply since the 1970s.

Published by the Office for National Statistics, a new chapter of Social Trends has revealed how properties are using 155 percent more domestic energy than they did 40 years ago.

It is thought this was down to the development of new technologies such as stereos, microwaves and computers.

While homes in 1970 used the equivalent of 2.7 million tonnes of oil to power lights and other electrical appliances, this has now increased to 6.8 million tonnes. However, the amount of oil being discovered worldwide has declined, and this is on top of the extra demand from Asia as these economies increase their consumption.

So where does this leave us?

Stuart Lovatt adds, One of the reasons I got into the solar panels industry in 2004, was because I could see the need for alternatives to fossil fuels, not because of climate change although this is still equally important but because energy in its traditional sense will, and now is becoming expensive.

Forecasting by its nature is very difficult, but with something as important as energy, which binds together modern world, I feel the most pessimistic views must be taken seriously. We must all take responsibility for reducing our energy consumption, by generating our own power or reducing our energy consumption.

This ultimately is why I believe solar panels and other green energy solutions are now coming into their own. After many years as being perceived as a diehard green technology, solar heating panels and PV electricity, solar panels are now being encouraged by healthy government incentives.

These solar grants, however, are only designed to reward the early adopters of solar technologies, so to get the maximum rewards, I recommend installing solar to your property, sooner rather than later.


"Feel the pride."
July 28, 2010
Founder of Heat My Home.

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