The business of staying in business

A car driver continues down the road, foot down to the metal, until he has he ran out of fuel.

Never once stopping to gauge the tank and never easing off the accelerator to conserve or use the remaining fuel more efficiently. Not clever eh?

The business of energy

The business of energy

Well, this is exactly how our modern civilisation is burning the last of the world’s oil.

In fact, the consumption rate is increasing tenfold as everyone travels into the second decade of the 21st century, alongside another disappointing year for a new oil field finds. The smooth tuned engine of commerce will soon begin to splutter as demand eventually outpaces supply.

So, why do we all hear from politicians that the engines of commerce need growth to recover from the credit crunch crisis? The absurd situation mankind now finds itself in has now been highlighted.
They say, “We must keep our foot down hard on the accelerator, or the whole capitalist system comes crashing down around our ears.” The same system which 7 billion lives depend on has now been shown to be deeply flawed.

The business of staying in business realise on 3 main factors. A limitless supply of goods, plenty of demand and most importantly, public confidence in your product or service. When we transfer these principles to modern civilisation, we find something very startling.

Knowing your business limits

We (the modern world) do not have a limitless supply of resources (goods), we have plenty of demand, but confidence in people with true powers and leaders are currently nonexistent. Just like the great Roman Empire before us, everything began to decline when geographical limits were reached, and growth turned to wither soon after.

The modern civilisation has too reached its limits. Environmental and resource limits will soon (if not already) begin to curtail economic growth, whether we like it or not. The hunger for growth that we now see from our politicians and world leaders is simply a yearning for the past, when limitless growth (not too long ago), was endemic in the human psyche.

The hard facts of today, is everyone, including myself will have to acknowledge, is the security which 150 years of continued economic growth have brought us, is approaching its finale, its conclusion or its consequence.

A controlled and properly planned out global economic retraction is the only realistic solution. A worldwide austerity to the last of the oil reserves must be considered, until alternative and more planetary friendly ways are found. The accelerating way, in which we all consume and burn the last of the oil reserves will peak in most of our lifetimes causing society to crash anyway.

If our society is to stay in business, then hard business decisions must be taken, which most politicians are not qualified to take. If you think energy prices are high now, just wait until the world powers realize that the peak has already occurred.

As humanity currently basks in its collective intelligence, the true test of how clever we are begun now. No matter how long the road you are travelling is, the road will always have an end.

The fight for civilisation is won; the challenge of keeping it has just begun.


"Feel the pride."

Solar Stu on
Founder of Heat My Home.