Pride in your work and striving to find the best solar panel installers

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“Throughout my life I have always been the best or strived to be the best at whatever job I had been doing at that time, so it annoys me when others don’t.”

A brighter road ahead with a quality solar installer.

A brighter road ahead with a quality solar installer.

During my earlier years in the world of work, I have worked on a factory line and produced more each shift than my colleagues, I have worked in a web development company and produced better designs for my clients and even within the solar panel industry, I sold more than the others within that particular company.

This I put down to my enthusiasm for the technology that was somewhat lacking with my colleagues at that time.

Unfortunately, pride in your work and customer satisfaction doesn’t come easily to some people. Thankfully for the solar panel industry, the quality aspect of both the technology and its installation, is not something you need to worry about today.

In 2009, the MCS accreditation scheme forced both manufacturers and installers to become regulated and abide by certain strict quality-control regulations. This ensured the recipients of the feed-in tariff incentive scheme received a quality ensured technology that could only be installed by quality conscious installers.

To become MCS accredited, a solar panel manufacturer has to prove the consistency of performance and longevity of their product. Their solar panels have to be tested within independent institutes, which is comparable to the crash testing standards that occur within the automobile industry.

Similarly, an MCS accredited solar installer whether a one-man-band or large company have to prove their abilities and ensure they have quality and customer care procedures in place.

These minimum-standard guarantees ensure your installation will last longer than your mortgage and give you a no-hassle way of generating your own heat and power by using the power of the sun.

If your last few energy bills have not yet persuaded you to install solar panels, then certainly the next few will!

The worldwide governmental adoption, not just in the United Kingdom, shows the importance of this technology to our future world. Ensuring people can invest with confidence has been a real benefit for our industry and will benefit you too.

Thankfully, the wild west solar cowboy days are long gone and for the most part, an installation today will ensure your investment could still be working for you in a quarter of a century from now. Yes, I said a quarter of a century or 25 years from now.

Modern solar installers work with high standards, but occasionally an installation may not go to plan, but that’s just life and most will be happy to make-up for any clangers that rarely occur, but for the most part, 99% of installers and installation companies do strive to be the best.

Solar panel installers are heroes. They tirelessly install in all conditions. I doff my cap to these skilled and hard-working individuals.

I would personally like to thank the installers who contribute to our solar enthusiast forum. These installers have also reinstated my faith in the solar industry, of which, I am proud to play a very small part within today.

Maximising your solar panel investment

Solar technology is an investment, which, if done correctly, will bring you an enormous sense of pride and leave you smiling every time the sun shines brightly (blue skies not necessary). However, pricing issues keep coming up time and time again on our aforementioned forum.

The most common being the price differences between installation companies. I have already written a full article called, Return on investment is linked to the price you pay for your solar panels and goes into a lot more details about this subject.

The sticky issue of pricing can be summarised into two main issues were photovoltaic’s are concerned, the type of equipment fitted and the profit margin of the installation company.

Even within the photovoltaic’s sector, the type of panel, i.e. Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline can make a huge difference in your daily power output and therefore your long-term investment over the course of the feed-in tariff. The type of inverter is also a major consideration.

This is why it’s important to always get at least three quotes from different companies that offer different technologies. They will be happy to give a full assessment of your likely power output by using the newly updated MIS 3002 Issue 3.0 PV guide.

The purpose of this standardised assessment is intended to prevent miss-selling and overestimation of a particular photovoltaic system’s performance.

Our savvy forum users to bring up the sticky subject of pricing and usually find out very quickly whether quotes are what they should be expected to be. Taking into account that like your car, better performing technology will cost more generally, but still, there are some companies high-pressure sales companies who still hugely overcharge and sometimes for very low-performing panels too.

In today’s competitive industry, solar panels come with an array of additional features and gadgets to tempt the potential investor. There should be no excuse anymore for not getting a good deal on your up and coming installation.

This is why your comparative quotes and performance figures are the key to your winning in this industry. In fact, many good installers report gaining customers as a result of some companies over-pricing.

99% of solar companies are very good, reasonably priced and strive to be the best, but just like any industry, a few can spoil for the many.

Only with comparative price quotes and performance figures in hand, can you decide which system offered is going to give you the best return on your investment?

The best installers are those that leave their customers empowered and the best customers are those that research and ask questions.

But, that is why Heat my Home was originally created, to empower those early solar pioneers and to help those following in their footsteps today.


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