Solar panels are now a mainstream technology

“The domestic solar panel installation market is flourishing. There has never been a better time to install solar panels to your home than at present, explains Stuart Lovatt from Heat my Home.”

PV Solar PanelsWith solar panels now a common sight across the British country, the media seemed to have reached the conclusion that the country is on the road towards transforming itself into a sustainable society. Sustainability now seems to have entered the mainstream. It’s now rare to tune into a television property program without hearing the home owner’s intentions of making the property energy efficient.

Technological advances in solar panel technology and associated cost reductions are being seen in almost all developed countries on the planet. It’s a welcomed trend that some dare to imagine a modern world in which sustainability is normal, not the exception.

The UK’s current home owner enthusiasm for installing micro generation systems such as solar panels and heat pumps are good cases in point. The last government started requiring energy companies to offer generous feed-in tariffs for domestic and commercial solar projects, and that has now also been continued by the present coalition government.

Solar panels for economic and job growth

It will help to create jobs in the green sector of society, and also help to transform our society into a low-carbon economy, which will be needed in a world with less oil than today at its disposal.

Arguably the most important agenda item for the future is getting the world’s home owners to recognise that sustainability and energy efficiency don’t stop at turning the lights off when they leave the room.

The new feed-in tariff scheme and the recent review have given the green light to domestic solar installations in England, Scotland and Wales. The Clean Energy Cash Back Scheme (Fits) and the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme pays homeowners a guaranteed 18-20 years payments for the energy you produce (Heat and electricity).

Early adopters of solar panels will receive better tariff rates than later adopters. The rate currently is 15.44p per kWh for electricity and 8.5p per kW of heat through your hot water cylinder.

To apply to your feed-in tariffs, you must get a quotation for an installation with our MCS solar installers who will give you the correct accreditation certification to apply.

Enthusiasms for solar panels have now grown to become a fully fledged mainstream technology, sold as a necessity rather than an eccentric novelty which has used to be the case. The solar panel industry is gearing up for floods of new installations, expected over the coming years.


"Feel the pride."
March 24, 2011
Founder of Heat My Home.

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