Solar panels are an issue of national security

“An open letter to The Prime Minister, The Queen and country.”

I never thought I would lambast a Prime Minister, but hey, even they are fallible. When judgement is tainted by post Downing Street ambitions – you have to speak out.



Unfortunately, national security is being seriously compromised by David Cameron’s “greenest government ever” (last election pledge), because under the influence of foreign owned energy lobbyists, Mr. Cameron suddenly changed rhetoric to “getting rid of all this green crap”.

We are currently engaging in an economic war with Russia. Russia’s energy dominance over Europe has spooked those in control to act. Resource wars are already here to stay and just as dangerous as those years of the soviet era.

Putin’s empire re-building, has got our Western Alliance nervous! Today, Russia successfully probes our coastlines with bombers as a signal to stop the economic embargo and the ‘deliberate’ plunging of global oil price. We are currently in a third world war by proxy.

Putin, an infamous chess player is already three moves ahead, and already implying that he can take down ‘little old Britain’ at any time with his latest airborne probing.

And there lies the ‘national security issue’ and why solar panels alongside other alternative energy technologies are required to help distribute our power generation away from centralised locations.

20th century power generation is a big fat sitting target for Russia’s bombers, whom lets be truly honest, have never forgiven us for contributing to the Soviet Union’s economic demise.

So with this knowledge and intelligence at your prime ministerial desk, why does your party persist in pursuing an energy policy that leaves the United Kingdom exposed to 21st century threats.

Spreading our energy infrastructure thinly and widely is a common sense strategy. The weakest link in our National Grid in wartime is our power stations – the internet’s resilience can be copied with power generation too.

Denmark has recently reached 40% and rising of its national power requirements through alternative technology. A strategy that goes along way to protecting its population and utilities in the event of future aggression.

A valuable lesson learnt by Denmark after the world wars has been missed by Britain completely. After all, a desperate population is a more submissive population – a strategy used by the Nazi machine. If Hitler had the capabilities to remove our power generation accurately back then, then the outcome would have proven very different. Luckily he didn’t, but our current foe today does!

I am not suggesting solar panels and alternative technologies are the complete answer, but a nation heavily installed with them has a lot more ‘stretch and give’ than a nation solely reliant on easily-targeted power stations alone.

No doubt you will sing the praises of short-sighted fracking and talk about the deficit, but again you only sing the hymn sheet given to you by an energy industry that will fight tooth and nail to prevent the current infrastructure becoming de-centralised. These lobbyists taint your judgement for their own profits and not the benefit of the population as a whole. You said you were proud of Winson Churchill, but would he have been proud of you to disregard technological advancements and leave Britain exposed to multiple threats – I doubt it?

Maybe you’ve been promised a ‘good little earner’ when you leave Downing Street, maybe not, only time will tell, but your condemnation of alternative energy is making Britain vulnerable.

Even the Saudi’s whom we depend upon to keep the lights on, the utilities running, the food shelves stocked and to wage economic war with other superpowers, are investing 100 billion in alternative technologies. The writing has been on the wall for many years, so your judgement now seems poor at best or bought at worse.

The fact of the matter is, people haven’t bought solar panels for green reasons in a long time. They do so because they’re worried about the future and the exponentially rising costs of heating their homes.

In thirty years when today’s installed solar panels are still generating useful power for the grid, your destructive fracking wells will be spent, you will be a distant memory and your legacy will be ‘questionable’ as more foresighted nations grow their alternative power generating technologies.

Even your idol, Margaret Thatcher acknowledged the dangers of “man-made global warming” and “the way we use energy” in her 1982 “magnitude of the challenge we face” speech. So, Mr. Cameron, next time you decide to hug a husky for votes, just remember that truly great leaders embrace challenge – no matter what the magnitude.

At some point in the past, a tribal leader instructed his ‘hungry’ tribe to save food for planting in the next season. That one small act of foresight and wisdom spawned the agricultural revolution and the life we enjoy today. You too must plant the seeds of an energy revolution to obtain the true respect of a great Prime Minister.

The bottom line – We need a wartime effort of change to gain much needed ‘flexibility’ in our nation’s power grid. Investing today for the benefit of tomorrow is paramount for ‘national security’, just as much as your traditional military hardware. You’re blinkered and tainted view of “this green crap” has completely missed the point – Mr, Prime Minister.

Yours sincerely.

A deeply proud Brit.


"Feel the pride."

Solar Stu on
Founder of Heat My Home.