Solar panels are 1st choice for domestic renewable energy

“Solar panel technology has taken the lead in the United Kingdom’s green energy market as a result of the current feed-in tariff scheme which creates favorable returns on investment.”

Solar panel installation

A new report by technology analysts Greenbang, has shown the United Kingdom’s feed-in tariff impact, with trends for the next decade, found solar panels increased to over twice the 2009 level in just 6 months due to the new tariff’s.

Stuart Lovatt from Heat My Home commented, “Although most people believe green energy is important to the future energy mix, many are still confused about its actual benefits, but the increased rate of installations are expected to peak after 2 years, because of the sliding scale nature of the scheme, meaning that solar has really taken the lead.

This means homeowners who install after the first 2 years of the scheme’s introduction will receive a smaller reward than those who install within the first years.”

There is a great potential for the whole of the small scale solar installation market as it’s an ideal location and time for both types of solar technologies, including the newly introduced a Renewable Heat Incentive scheme which aims to reward solar heating installations too,” he added.

PV solar panels incentives

The photovoltaic, solar feed-in tariff incentive was introduced under the previous Labour government for homes and business to generate their own green energy and make money from selling excess electricity back to the National Grid while creating your own domestic power too.

Although the UK has been lower in the European green energy rankings for the past decade, we are now improving dramatically because of the new feed-in tariff policy, with the lack of skills within the installation industry, holding back and hindering current uptake.

The key period of growth will occur in the next two years. The rate of solar installations is expected to peak after 18 months and so the key period of growth is within that time, meaning that solar has really taken the lead due to favorable investment returns.


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January 22, 2011
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