Reducing dependence on expensive energy

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“The time has come from people who can afford technologies such as solar panels to think seriously about an installation.”

PV solar electric panels

PV solar electric panels

Energy prices are yet again on the rise. With Scottish power rising costs of gas by 19% and electricity by 10%, the inevitable tide of other companies raising prices will follow. With companies like British Gas admitting that they are powerless to prevent such rises due to global and local issues.

Unfortunately this is not a problem which is going away. The world is simply using up its dwindling oil and gas supplies with greater demand from the Far Eastern industrial nations.

Stuart Lovatt the founder of Heat my Home says, “Fuel poverty has been talked about on this website since 2004 and now we are beginning to see the effects dropping through our letter boxes. Reducing dependency on conventional fuels has to be a priority for all homes; now expensive energy is becoming the norm.”

So what the options for reducing dependency without reducing our luxuries?

Generating power can be achieved using micro generation systems such as wind turbines, solar panels or hydro. Assuming you don’t get a river running through your garden, we can discount hydro power from our list. Domestic scale wind turbines are great on a windswept hill, but usually impractical in an urban environment, leaving only PV solar panels on your roof or garden which can realistically and financially benefit you.

Generating heat for your water heating and/or heating system is another way in which solar panels can help. Solar heating panel’s especially evacuated tubes have particularly good efficiency rates of around 80% which means 80% of the sun’s rays which hit the panel or tubes are converted into heat for your family.

Evacuated solar tubes

Evacuated solar tubes

Solar heating panels although mostly popular for heating up your hot water tank can also be used in conjunction with under floor heating systems and heat store tanks to provide space heating too. A simple survey by our MCS accredited solar installers can determine if your home is suitable for this type of installation.

Heat pump installations are also becoming popular. Although mostly seen on commercial buildings, they are quickly becoming popular for domestic installations too. Although they do use more power to run they can convert x3 times more output than what is input. These work similar to a revered fridge and produce heating for under floor heating systems by extracting air source or ground source.

Whichever type of technology you choose for your home, there are great incentive scheme currently running called the feed-in tariffs which give early adopters of these technologies 25 and 18 year payments for becoming a solar pioneer. Be warned, however, the incentive schemes are only designed to create a snowball effect, so once the ball reached momentum the incentive to later adopt will be far less than now if at all.

There really has never been a better time to install solar panels to your home.


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June 9, 2011
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