The real cost of fracking and nuclear power

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“The trillions of gallons of water used in the fracking process over the next decades will never be safe to be used within the planets cycle of life again!”

The next generation will pay dearly for fracking and clean water.

The next generation will pay dearly for fracking and clean water.

Once you’ve got your head around that, the real victims of fracking are the people who ‘lease’ land or take the Queen’s shilling.

They sell this wonderful ‘leasing opportunity’ as safe and clean. They tell you it will create local jobs, but the local jobs are as fictional as the safety reassurances. Zero hours contracted security guards at best with the specialised positions being imported cheaply.

Ultimately, landowners will be responsible for the dead water pools that will be created by the incalculable amount of gallons of toxic water used in the fracturing process. Whatever the benefits of such a ‘leasing, contract’ that is being sold to landowners, the headaches caused by contaminating land for miles around will be literal as well as theoretical.

Billions of tons of dead and radioactive water will leave an environmental dead zone around the land, down streams and into neighbouring regions.

The Earth beneath the ground holds a spectrum of veins and capillaries that transfer life-giving water around the planet. This network is now at risk and with the ecology of land and sea. Shale Gas drilling is the planetary equivalent of jacking-up heroin.

Laws and regulations are being scraped specifically to ‘tailor the needs’ of corporate interests, some of which own the largest media outlets. Despite this, the huge public opposition that these dangerous processes have incurred are still being ignored by our golden ‘handshaking prospecting’ politicians.

I’m all for energy independence and quite literally shout from the rooftops about our individual needs of becoming energy independent in this crazy world – but this is wrong on so many levels.

And if you don’t think that’s scary enough, then they have changed laws and policies to legally allow them to dispose of nuclear waste down spent fracking boreholes once they have come to the end of their usefulness.

It’s against international law to dump radioactivity into the sea, but dumping it onshore near the sea such as a Shale bed is not – A win-win situation for a government that has half a century’s worth of nuclear waste to dispose of and more with Hinkley Point C on its way.

This short-term thinking is literally stamping on the accelerator at a time when the effects of industrialization-scaled hydrocarbon burning and radioactivity leaking into the sea are today becoming clear.

Real grass root independence from this dirty system can only come from individual households reducing their dependence on it by using alternative technologies such as solar panels and electric vehicles to begin an alternate timeline.

The Shale Gas industry today reminds me of the 1950s nuclear age propaganda where it was sold to the public as a ‘cheap and clean’ energy source – neither turned out to be true!

Are we the last generation not to depend upon drinking water being delivered to stay healthy?

Look here, just don’t look at Fukushima

Nuclear power came with the promises of “too cheap to meter” electricity to distract people from the real risks of radioactivity on their doorstep.

Misdirection is nothing new, but today they have perfected the art and we are now currently living in the greatest misdirection trick of all time in Fukushima.

Convincing people that the greatest ecological disaster of our time is not occurring is easy today. Controlling what people discuss around the water-cooler is easy when only six corporations drip feed all other media outlets.

The truth is, they don’t know where the melted-down core is today. This is a real wound in the side of our planet that is still today affecting the ecology of the North Pacific region – from Japan to the USA.

Don’t discuss it, don’t acknowledge and it will go away. The prime incentive for such a global news blackout is ultimately the protection of the world’s economies.

As the UK has just kicked the nuclear decommissioning can down the road, the safety of nuclear energy is even being stretched in our own country, so this is an issue here too and not just a danger on the other side of the world!

The natural disaster that turned into a technological disaster. This corporate empire has swept news under the proverbial carpet for the sake of the bottom line. Your health is expendable, but the billion dollars Pacific fishing industry is not!

Nothing to see, but if you do have concerns, then please state your concerns within 140 characters. A Twitter storm contained in a teacup – a corporate lobbyists best friend.

The big difference between the 1950s nuclear propaganda and today’s fracking propaganda is the internet where you can actually find out the truth from other countries where both landowners and local residents are already suffering from it.

When a civilisation becomes dependent upon poisoning its own water supply to survive; you know the game is up. When a civilisation deliberately conceals the real impact of its largest nuclear disaster with a worldwide news blackout; you know it must be bad.

Five years on from Fukushima, I haven’t eaten a Tuna sandwich or watched the corporate sponsored news and I feel more knowledgeable and better informed for it.

Are we the last generation not to depend upon a daily dose of iodine to keep us healthy?


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