The powerlessness of being in power

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“The recent statements by David Cameron about reducing households energy bills by sacrificing alternative energy support, reminded me of the tales of King Cnut who also attempted to change the course of an inevitable tide without success.”

Politicians are powerless to prevent unaffordable energy costs.

Politicians are powerless to prevent unaffordable energy costs.

To be fair to the Norse King, who apparently was trying to prove to his people that he wasn’t all powerful at all and that he was just a normal man.

Mr Cameron and George Osborne’s policies are still attempting to hold back this wave of inevitability whilst going against the tide, as the rest of the world is striving to become less dependent on fast depleting fossil fuels including oil-rich Saudi Arabia.

After waves of relentless hikes in the cost of powering and heating our homes, the level of arrogance must overshadow even Cnute’s most defining moment. To use a Viking analogy, Mr Cameron is blaming the bail bucket for the ship taking on water. If the ship is sinking, then you don’t throw the bucket overboard, you increase the size and number available.

What I suspect we are actually seeing here when we hear the ‘husky cuddling Cameron’ attempting to curb alternative energy technology deployment, is the wishes of the real power holding entities called EON, Scottish Power, Npower, etc.

As I have already written about, the big six energy companies don’t want their ‘cash cows’ generating their own decentralised energy requirements. It interferes with their ability to make money from each and every household including yours.

We have seen this type of successful control in Britain before and it’s now being emulated in our modern age too. The Roman elite controlled the Anglo-Saxon population via powerless tribal leaders. Our current tribal leader is just as powerless to the fossil fuel industry as pre-dark age kings were to the Caesars.

This, of course, goes against what Ed Miliband has been saying recently about as possible ‘energy price freeze’ if the Labour Party is brought back into power. The need for lower energy bills is needed and now we begin to see party politics cruelly trying to take advantage of real fears the countries families have.

Any price freeze proposed by any political party can only be a larger-scale version of what the energy companies are already doing. The ‘fixed-rate’ energy tariffs we are all currently chasing with comparison websites are small-scale versions of what Mr Miliband is proposing and just another version. The political policy version can only be a short-termed relief to struggling families.

Red, blue, green or yellow, disappointment will ensue?

No matter what colour party you vote for, the reality of the situation is that no government whether tinted with red, green, blue or yellow rosettes can help you with your energy bill.

Energy costs will continue to rise because of external forces and the tip of the peak oil spike has been and long gone, but you won’t get any political party to admit this fact because it will render them as powerless.

The illusion of power is what keeps our modern politics alive. Admittance that government in any colour cannot stop the slide down the wrong side of the peak oil spike truly shows how powerless they have really become.

King Cnut, a Norse king ruling his North Sea empire could not whether intentionally or not, hold back the waves of the North Sea tide, but at least he had the decency to prove this and neither can our current political power-hungry leaders hold back the waves of energy price rises but don’t expect a reality check anytime soon.

As the good ship Britannia begins to lose the ability to absorb the energy price shock waves, the blame game has already begun and arguments between each other about the size of the investment needed for the life rafts (alternative energy) is already underway.

Expecting the government to hold back your energy bills as they rise to their predicted average £2,000 per annum costs by 2020 like Cnut can only end in disappointment. If you really want to empower yourself, then alternative energy technology is the only way to keep your own boat float.


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