China introduces feed-in tariffs for solar panels

Last updated on June 6th, 2017 at 12:52 pm

“China has introduced its own version of the feed-in tariff scheme to its citizens for installing solar panels. This is great news for the planet, but will undoubtedly cause price increases globally for solar panel technologies.

Feed in tariffs for solar panels

Feed in tariffs for solar panels

The feed-in tariff, which pays owners of PV (photovoltaic) solar panels, is a generous, guaranteed payment for producing power or heat using solar heating and evacuated tubes. This is a truly significant step for the Chinese, who can now see the need for reducing their dependence on oil and gas in a fiercely competitive energy industry.

The price issue is very much a contentious one within the solar industry, as it is hoped that high demand will reduce prices, but as sometimes happens, if here is too much demand (think of must-have children’s Christmas presents) then prices always rise sharply.

Stuart Lovatt, the founder of Heat my Home says “We have always promoted European-manufactured technologies only, based on quality factors, but many other solar panel companies are now using solar panels originating in China, which may be subject to price increases as the Chinese people begin to embrace solar technology and demand pushes up prices.”

Heat my Home has always anticipated the global demand for this technology, often pointing out that the costs of energy, resources, materials and manufacturing could rise globally. It has always warned “it is likely that solar panels will never be cheaper than they are now, as panels manufactured in the future will be subject to inputs (energy + materials) that cost far more than at present.”

Additionally, the feed-in tariff scheme is designed to reward the early adopters of solar technology the most and later adopters the least. The tariff scheme was pioneered by Germany in the 1990s, and its success has led to country after country adopting the scheme, including Spain, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and now China, with Australia follows soon.

Never better to install solar panels

“There never will be a better time to install solar panels for your home or business.” said Stuart.

“We are often told by our customers that they had considered an installation, but never got round to doing so, but now they regret not investing in solar panels earlier. This does seem to be a common theme, and with the inevitable global energy price rises, we ask-for what are you waiting?”


"Feel the pride."
August 9, 2011
Founder of Heat My Home.

  • JohnT

    With China offering it own feed in tariffs, then they manufacture and supply demand in own county first. World supply of PV solar will stop going into a free fall.

    China will always put its own people first over westerners, whether its solar panels or resources like Silicon which is the vital ingredient to pv panels.

    That my theory.