MOD already planning for future energy wars

Last updated on November 2nd, 2017 at 04:36 pm

“An admittance by Ministry of Defence staff on Jeremy Vine afternoon talk show today came as a shock to many people in the United Kingdom.”

Game-changing solar panels and installations in the UK.

An anonymous caller into to the show admitted, that the Ministry of Defence is already planning for future wars over energy which prompts the question, what plans do the new coalition government have to reduce our countries dependence on insecure resources. The show was broadcast with the main topic of discussion being, possible Ministry of Defence cuts.

This amazing admittance is another sign of the UK government, that energy shortages and energy security are expected and being planned for over the coming years.

Earlier this year on Monday, March 22, an energy workshop was hosted by the UK Energy Institute on Peak Oil by the Department of Energy and Climate Change and members of the Transition Network also in attendance.

These revelations show that there will be changes to the way we all think about energy and especially oil over the coming years. Heads are coming out of the sand. More and more people are becoming aware that now is the time to act on peak oil whether on an individual or governmental level.

Simply put, peak oil or the energy crunch refers to the point at which all the easy to extract oil which modern civilisation depends on has been extracted, leaving only the less accessible, very expensive to retrieve stuff. We are already experiencing higher energy prices on our everyday lives, but as the world becomes more thirsty, the remaining reserves value, politically and financially will push the value to levels which could or more likely will, cause further conflict within our lifetimes.

Stuart Lovatt from Heat my Home adds We had been promoting solar panel usage and other green energy generally since 2004 when solar was considered an eco product. Most of the people we talk to have different incentives to install, but by far the most common today is to gain independence from conventional fossil fuels.

Revelations like this have come at a time when most people have worries relating to the economic downturn, but recessions have come and gone in the past, but when energy reserves have gone, they are gone for good.


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