Mankind’s ultimate conclusion and the end of the world

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“Have you ever thought of where this modern road is leading? What’s mankind’s ultimate conclusion?”

When the lights go out

When the lights go out

We are all currently enjoying the bounty of thousands of years of accumulated wisdom, which have brought, peace to most of the world and technological revolutions climaxing in the ability to break away, study and admire the planet we inhabit, which generations before us, could never have even imagined.

The road, however, long, is not unending, and the ability of modern civilisation will soon be curtailed. There doesn’t seem to be a year goes by without the cost of energy rising higher or the price of modern civilisations lifeblood, petrol, increasing too.

As a global community, all, by and large, currently competing against each other, but in a co-operative manner, how quickly will these bonds diminish when the world’s oil networks begin to splutter?

Looking at our lives and times especially in the developed countries, even the poorest in society have eaten as well as, if not better than the kings and queens of old. Yet this modern social ability is being put at risk by two factors, which when you think about it can be solved by the same solution.

Global heating is already affecting our abilities to produce the amount of food and water required to sustain the level of the population which humanity has recently enjoyed. Yet still, the warnings are ignored. Like a large oil supertanker, its ability and our ability to change course will be a slow and long process. The time for action is departing, if not already gone. This ultimately leaves one question.

Consequences and mankind’s conclusion

Looking at the case of the Elephant, nobody wants to see these magnificent creatures extinct, but like there Woolley Mammoth counterparts, extinction is now certain for the wild ones at least. Every wild Elephant is seen as a valuable commodity, further increasing its vulnerability.

Every new energy price rise is another step towards the Elephants dermis which culminates in another human being finding alternative ways to feed the family. Even, if this means poaching an Elephant.

The same applies to everything in the natural world, from oil to fish stocks, to Tigers, to trees. Every last drop of oil will be extracted, burnt and emitted. Every last tiger will be poached, and every last school of fish will be netted and processed. A short-term solution, but a long-term disaster for most species including our own.

When the lights go out

You may think this will be for a next generation, to worry about, but indications are beginning to show this future occurring within most of our lifetimes. As our basic lubricants in our modern world begin to slowly fail, including oil from over-consumption, water and food resources from global heating, humanity will look for the last of the natural world to fill the gap.

With supermarkets empty, city dwellers will quickly migrate outwards to the countryside regions where millions will overwhelm farms and country dwellings in a desperate search for food.

The already limited green spaces will be stripped bare by a species once again fighting for survival, but in such great numbers, eco-systems will break down, and the natural world eroded even quicker. Geological time may repair the damage, but never again will a human sleep on a full stomach.

A father with his son, sitting around a fire with that day meagre pickings, will tell stories of great iron eagles soaring through the skies. While looking up at the moon and the stars with tremendous tales will be told of people walking with the stars, now a myth, now just a story.

The road from here to there is shorter than you think.


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