How climate change will benefit solar panel users

“Unfortunately, climate change is here to stay. The fight to prevent global warming has failed, so we must learn to adapt. Ironically climate change will benefit solar panel users.”

Game changing solar panels and installations.

The irony is that solar panels were originally a symbol of clean living which was thought to protect the environment, but now they are being used to capitalise on the effects of the changing climate.

Vineyards were recently planted in the south of England in anticipation for the warmer climate, which we are now beginning to see. People and businesses who have already installed solar panels, are celebrating with the sunnier and more arid weather this year, which increases their feed-in tariff income.

England and Wales have recently had their driest March in 50 years, with some parts of the Southeast having less than 2mm of rainfall. This is less than normally recorded in the Sahara desert. Climate experts have warned that the next few weeks’ rainfall could be critical to water companies, farmers and local wildlife too.

An even more significant outlook than the driest March is long-term rainfall. In the Midlands region, rainfall has been around 20% of the normal average for the last 6 months, and the South West areas had seen the lowest rainfall since 1976, when a fierce drought affected the whole of the UK.

Pioneering people who have installed solar panels are now laughing all the way to the bank. April and May are traditionally brighter months anyway, but this year April has broken all records which have benefited the additional earnings from the solar panels through the feed-in tariff scheme.

A delightful boost of income, which is predicted to continue into the foreseeable future, will see increased revenue from installations. In effect, for every Kilowatt of power you produce, the Government scheme will pay you 15.44p and 43.3p if surplus to your requirement.

One solar panel system owner has had over 1000 units produced, which earned him 450 and another had over 400 units, creating an extra income of 200.

The feed-in tariffs and solar panels

The government’s feed-in tariff scheme is available to all homeowners in England, Scotland and Wales and is guaranteed for 20 years. That’s as long as a mortgage. Stuart Lovatt from Heat my Home says: We have seen a significant increase of people interested in solar panels for homes and commercial applications in the past year. We are expecting this trend to continue, as people are becoming more aware about solar technology and its benefits.

With the future climate predicting a more arid Britain, the future of solar technology and its progressive up-take looks very good. I wish I could say the same for Mother Nature.

The biggest irony of all may be that what the solar panel century environmentalists dream’s may only come about through the dangerous effects of climate change, not the prevention of it.


"Feel the pride."
May 20, 2011
Founder of Heat My Home.

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