Have we now discovered the meaning of life?

“How I discovered protecting life’s diversity, is the meaning of life, by Stuart Lovatt from Heat my Home. Walking along the street yesterday near to where I live, I came across a small church, built nearly 500 years ago.”

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The original builders of that the church had no idea that we would walk on the moon, or travel to America’s in a matter of hours rather than weeks. My thoughts were drawn to their more simplistic view of this world we inhabit.

A poster within the church grounds invited passers-by to discover the meaning of life, and my thoughts, like people throughout history, began to ponder this universal question. What is the meaning of life?
Asking others to answer this question is what that the church was originally built for, but in modern times, science has answered most of the questions that those original church builders were asking-apart from the big one-the meaning of life.

A universal question like this requires some universal knowledge to answer. As people living in the oil age in modern times, we have literally gathered information on a universal basis. We know that there are tens of billions of galaxies and that our sun is just one star with a mass of stars in our own galaxy, to give you just one example.

Ultimately our insignificant planet, set across the coldness of space, but unique and teeming with life. This is the knowledge our fore bearers were asking for, knowledge which I increasingly feel lucky to have. Standing on the shoulders of giants. Our generation has very possibly acquired almost godlike knowledge.

Bringing my thoughts back to earth, so to speak, knowledge like this comes with responsibility. Just like the Skynet computer from the classic Terminator Films, we are self aware of our own existence and our role on this planet, we call Earth. We know about ecosystems, we know about the fragility of marine biology, we know what keeps them healthy, and we know what destroys them.

“Healthy ecosystems form the basis of all we have if we lose them, we destroy our own life support systems,” says Stuart Lovatt from Heat my Home.

“This is like spending your savings: we are spending the natural capital we have on this planet, which is another economic crisis in the making.”

Like the original church goers in this small but very pretty village, most of us know what is right and wrong in everyday life, but feel powerless to influence the environment around us. A fear of the unknown, a fear of authority, or a fear of our peers leads most of us to do nothing.

The accumulated knowledge we have gathered over the centuries says so. Whether we like it or not, we have become the curators of our own world, a responsibility we must all take a part. My final thought is that I am sure a God who created such natural beauty on this earth would want us to look after his creations.

We still live within his Garden of Eden, and we are destroying it, but the irony of the human story is that his 10th commandment (coveting their neighbours or keeping up with the Jones) is the reason why our earth is now in peril.

So the meaning of life, is to protect life itself all life, all species, all creatures great and small. I hope the modern day worshipers within that the church, will take up the challenge of protecting biodiversity now under threat.


"Feel the pride."
October 14, 2010
Founder of Heat My Home.

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