Growth is so last century and a planet under attack

Last updated on June 6th, 2017 at 01:10 pm

“There is no getting away from the fact. Our modern lives have been grown on a bed of cheap abundant oil. Something our politicians seem to forget when talking about economic growth.”

The economies around the world are failing. Governments and institutions are desperately trying to re-ignite the engine of growth, but common sense dictates that they will fail.

Populations cannot grow indefinitely; trees cannot grow indefinitely and ultimately neither can the universe, so why do our politicians and the great minds of our age think they can defy this fundamental law of nature?

If a tree continues to grow, gravity will always win the battle in the end. This is also true of economic and population growth. There are natural limits to any type of growth. It seems we have reached a point in our civilisation where growth is no longer possible.

Stuart Lovatt, the founder of Heat my Home adds “Everything is under strain economically and environmentally. Some of our basic needs such as food, water and energy supplies are under threat due to over-consumption. If I and others like me can see this fact, then why can’t our leaders, politicians and great institutions?”

The current situation is not so dissimilar to the beginning of the end of communism in the USSR during the late 1980’s. The inequality and melancholia of the general population led to the downfall of an institution that had lasted for 140 years.

With the worldwide outlook becoming bleaker, have we not come to the point where we should now recognise this moment in time for what it is, and encourage or prepare for a controlled contraction’ worldwide of population, economy and ultimately energy usage for the benefit of the whole human race?

Controlling energy usage, especially oil, which is the blood flow for our way of life, is paramount; if we are going to find a way to make current reserves last and for future generations to have half a chance of living in a decent society, then a controlled contraction of the population worldwide, economy and re-establishment of natural forests to combat global warming and protecting bio-diversity.

Continued economic growth can and will only lead to failure and to the breakdown of our civilisation. That may sound apocalyptic, but we are fighting on two frontiers now, to keep our way of life (peak oil and global warming), but the central problem causing both problems is over-consumption of energy.

The bottom line is that we have gone too far, and we as an intelligent species must recognise this and act accordingly. Just like the Russian communist and Arab spring protests, ordinary people can force change for the better, for the future and for their children.

Continued unrestrained growth can only lead down one path-a cul-de-sac. The fertiliser for twentieth century growth was built on plentiful cheap oil which the world no longer enjoys. In addition, the expansion in population today is already causing problems with global heating, so I ask ‘How can further growth help this most crucial problem?’

Next time you hear a politician preach about growth in the economy, think to yourself, like me, “what planet are they on?”


"Feel the pride."
September 29, 2011
Founder of Heat My Home.