Global population and energy prices

“A child will be born in a rural village. His parents will not know it, but his this will prove to be a considerable landmark for humanity as his birth will mark when the human population will reach 7 billion.”

Energy prices and increase in global populations

Energy prices and increase in global populations

How will this affect your domestic energy bills?

We do not need a star to direct us to the symbolism of this birth: the world has known about this approaching milestone for years. It is only 12 years since the six billion mark was reached. And just 100 years since human population arrived at 1.6 billion people.

Every generation has seen predictions of doom for humanity, if we don’t control our numbers. Yet the rise in births and reduced deaths from the disease has continued inexorably and exponentially.

With rising greenhouse gases and depletion putting greater demands on energy resources at ever growing concerns, the approach of this human landmark has become an awkward in the environmental debate. No one likes to talk about it, so there are no easy answers, but the burning question remains: are there too many of us to achieve a sustainable future? Probably!

One planet, too many people. Which begs the question, how will this affect energy consumption and energy prices? Unfortunately with energy resources such as oil, gas and minerals becoming scarcer as the low lying fruit has already been picked, the prices of petrol, diesel and home energy will continue to rise as we saw over the last few years.

If you look closely at the United Kingdom vulnerability in the global energy market, what can I tell you?

We’re having all kinds of problems, just like everybody else. Domestic resources are depleting fast, international demand for resources are pushing prices at ever increasing levels, unfortunately we, are no longer able to support ourselves without international cooperation, meaning the rug can be pulled away from us at any unsuspecting time.

We’re already way past the carrying capacity of this country. We are living in the capital itself.

The seven billion figure is eye-catching. Frankly, I don’t think most people are even being aware of the needs of what need to be done to make our country a pleasant place to live in the near future.

James Lovelock, the scientist who proposed the Gaia theory, is another prominent thinker who has seen a bleak future for the human species if it continues to grow without restriction. He now advises people to “enjoy it while you can” because the outlook for future generations is bleak.

Stuart Lovatt from Heat my Home adds, “We keep expecting an energy crash, but energy resources, has its limits: it doesn’t go to infinity. The petrol and domestic energy prices rise we see today are just the beginnings of something much larger happening.”

The 20th century saw things happen that greatly helped to reduce the overall global death rate.

The challenge for the United Kingdom in the 21st century is going to be different:

It’s going to be about how we all manage to reduce our consumption of fossil fuel energy, to protect us from the increase prices caused by increase global demand on fewer and fewer resources.


"Feel the pride."
January 16, 2011
Founder of Heat My Home.

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