Free solar panels? You will earn more by installing yourself

“Heat my Home’s solar experts are now telling homeowners to watch out for companies that are offering to fit their homes with solar panels for free.”

The experts go on to point out that it is very possible that the homeowners would actually end up paying more this way than if they choose to pay for themselves. UK homeowners are being tempted by a very new kind of a scheme called, solar for free.

However, experts say that they could double their financial savings if they just went out and bought the panels themselves.

This advice comes as installations of solar photovoltaic panels have exploded all over the UK. The number of installations in four months, in 2010, doubled the whole year of 2009. This is, of course, mostly due to a government financial incentive that was launched back in April.

This new fad, which is being spurred on by the new feed-in tariff, has homeowners looking into building small-scale generators for green power. Companies are offering to fit thousands of homes with solar planeloads for free. So this brings up the question, what’s the catch?

However, it seems that homeowners would almost always be better off paying for the solar panels themselves-even if they had to take into account the interest that they would have to pay for the upfront cost of buying the panels and having them installed.


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August 11, 2010
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  • Bottom line is:

    If you work during the day, the power being generated will be filling the pockets of the solar company who installed them, and not saving you energy.

    If during the 25 year contract you decide to sell you home, the solar panels on the roof will put off buyers because contractually, you no longer own your own roof any-more.

    Solar companies who offer free solar panels, do not make this clear, because they don’t want you to know these two facts.

    Install yourself, gain the financial reward yourself, rather than giving it away, Easy

  • Richard

    So, where to begin?!… There has been much FUD (fear uncertainty doubt) spread as a result of the ‘news worthiness’ of recent moves to promote solar PV in the UK.

    There is plenty of talk and reporting that isn’t objective – – and indeed the sector is so new there is a long way to go.

    But providers of solar panels like us have designed our model to exploit the funding provided by the UK Government

  • you can now get green loans which give a much better interest rate than standard loans through a government scheme now to help with the upfront coats of installing domestic solar panels. You can get more info at:

  • richard boon

    I agree witht he above statement as it is correct.. But the problem is, that most people cant actually afford to make the initial payment of (roughly) £10,000.

    I think that people want to make a change to the their current ways, and if they can make a change (albeit small) for free. If I had the money to stump up front then I would definately buy them outright.

    But the fact that I’d have to take out a loan and then pay it for a year before i get the initial payment from the government means thats its financially not an option for me. (£10k over five years works out at just over £200 per month, so i need £1,200 to make payments for the first year before its an option). Granted, in year two and further on it becomes easier.