Four good reasons to install solar panels

Last updated on June 6th, 2017 at 11:40 am

“Four really good reasons to install solar panel technology for your home or business.”

Game changing solar panels and installations.

The UK energy market is in turmoil again. Even after the most recent price rises, which happened a few months ago, energy experts are predicting that the Libyan and Japanese impact on global oil prices will see prices rise as much as another 15% this summer.

The reality that traditional forms of fossil fuel energy will not easily meet the U.K’s needs over the longer term is forcing people to take a fresh look at installing micro generation systems such as solar panels.

The UK has now installed almost over 80 MW of solar panel power, 73.189MW or 25,000 domestic installations last year. These homeowners have the potential to earn over 1,000 a year through the current feed-in tariff scheme, which now pays out 43.3p for systems under 4kW retro fitted. A similar scheme has been introduced for solar heating panels too.

Solar panels work well in the UK

Home owners should ignore the relative lack of sunshine and install solar panels as part of a home improvement project.
A common misconception in Britain is people think this type of energy generation will not work on the U.K’s climate. Solar panels also work on dull days, so do not have to rely on cloudless, sunny days in order to work efficiently.

Reflected light coming through cloud cover will still operate to a certain extent on those days too.

Solar panels feed-in tariffs

The feed-in tariff scheme, launched in April 2010, encourages take up of domestic and commercial solar panel installations across the UK by providing a financial incentive for doing so.

Stuart Lovatt, founder of Heat my Home adds, Demand for solar has increased tenfold since the introduction of new schemes from the government to reward pioneer homes who adopt the technology.

As solar panels are a relatively new concept for people in the UK, homeowners are still unsure about how to get information or apply to the feed-in tariff payments so Heat my Home was founded on helping people choose which green technology may be best for them.

So why invest in solar panels? Simply because until March 2012 a solar investment will yield the greatest guaranteed return on any investment commonly available in the UK through the feed-in tariff, also known as the Clean Energy Cash Back scheme. For example, £12,000 invested in solar panels can realise about £1,000 in returns per annum.

The idea behind reducing the tariffs on April 2013 is to encourage people to act now.

By acting now, you will get the best financial return on your PV solar panel installation. This is to incentive to more people to make solar adoption sooner rather than later, while implementing in in ensuring that the UK meets its carbon emissions reduction targets.

Environmental concern

If you think that installing solar panels is only for financial gain, think again. A Mr Levens, from Lincolnshire, when asked why he installed solar panels in his home, said:

“We do not want to inherit a diminished planet, as it often seems we are being asked to, and this is a huge step towards ensuring a sustainable and equitable future for our and subsequent generations.”


"Feel the pride."
April 8, 2011
Founder of Heat My Home.

  • Hi

    The feed in tariff scheme is designed to degrade over time to new adopters of solar panels. The current 41.3 p kW will be around until 2013 when it will be reduced to 34p per kW instead. The rate you apply for will be the rate which you will receive for the 25 years duration.

  • K.Barr

    I have had (PV) solar panels fitted in Jan 2011 , the FIT rate was 41.3P per KWP. can you tell me the current rate now,also is this rate permanent for the 25 years