Why should you adopt alternative energy like solar panels?

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“The rising costs of energy is now written in stone, so why are people still not looking for ways to beat the inevitable with alternative technology?”

Fight back against continued fuel cost rises or more of the same?

Fight back against continued fuel cost rises or more of the same?

Future predictions can come from prophets like Nostradamus or our modern age weathermen with their solar-powered satellites, but you certainly don’t need billion dollar space technology or bearded renaissance wise men to see the future of energy now.

This is why it perplexes me that more people aren’t installing solar panels en-mass today? In a discussion today with a customer, I had the chance to ask why he hadn’t installed this great energy saving and revenue generating technology before? The basis of his reluctance came entirely from confusing or conflicting information, which he had read from various media.

The root causes of this misinformation are political wrangling for hearts and minds by certain agenda motivated newspaper owners. If people actually investigated the long-term benefits and actual figures for installing solar panels, then they certainly wouldn’t dilly dally as my customer had been doing so far, for so long.

Getting deeper into the conversation, I and my new more open-minded friend had surmised that the all-powerful energy companies, really didn’t want everyone generating their own power, decentralising power generation would undermine the ability of our new privatised energy industry to make profits from each and every one of us.

His answer wasn’t surprising to me, but it did sadden me.

Don’t be a cash cow

Alternative energy should be the new name for the renewable technology, as just like the media has re-branded global warming to seem less dangerous, so too has it worked its manipulative spell on the phrase ‘green energy’ to imply powerlessness.

When the utilities were first privatised, the newly formed energy companies would not have even considered each household up and down the country being able to generate a large proportion of their own power requirements.

The same would be true with smaller the newer and more independent power generators who are erecting wind turbines across the country. Again, taking a slice of the pie away from the shareholders of the big six energy companies can only lead such industries to protect their cash cow.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise then that they don’t want you to be generating your own power. It should come as no surprise that their bedfellows and shareholders in the media will want to protect their annual dividends coming from your pockets.

If their cash cows (us) decide to escape from their controlling field and the herd en-mass break free from traditional energy bondage we have found ourselves in, would there not be benefits for us and none for them.

Ping! That was the sound of the light switching on in my customer’s mind. Now he gets it, and now so do you. A herd, like any farmer, will confirm, could escape into pastures new at any time, but the herd doesn’t know that it has the strength and ability to break free. The illusion of a barrier is enough to keep the herd from moving to a greener field. Individuals have already broken through and are now enjoying the benefits of solar panels and other renewable technologies.

The energy companies are powerless to prevent your energy bills from rising yet higher and high, so why rely on them to heat your home anymore?

What we finally concluded was that they don’t want you to know is that alternative energy technology will empower you and devalue them. Should we all not be seeking an alternative or continue to be a reliable cash cow for British Gas’s, EONs, Scottish Powers, Npowers and Southern Electric’s shareholders?


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October 11, 2013
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