Don’t expect politicians to prevent the energy crunch

Last updated on October 20th, 2017 at 09:35 pm

“Did you know that the bankers’ bailout in 2008/9 was the direct cause of the Arab Spring protests in the Middle East? The bail-out money that the banks received during this period was sunk into the commodities markets, mainly food commodities.”

A breakdown in political confidence.

A breakdown in political confidence.

The result was higher global food prices and Middle Eastern countries bore the brunt of these actions. The saying “every action has a reaction” is appropriate here, with ordinary people taking to the streets, blaming their governments for not being able to afford their basic needs.

Whilst the Middle Eastern governments were powerless to prevent food prices and food shortages from affecting their people, so too is our government equally powerless to prevent global issues from affecting citizens of the UK.

This has been made more apparent over the last couple of years, as external factors have seen energy prices continually rising. The forecast is even worse year after year, as the outputs of gas and oil in the North Sea and most international oil fields continue to decline at a time when demand for energy is growing at a faster and faster rate.

The incompetence of our politicians has been highlighted this week. Policies by George Osborne, which are aimed at reducing investment in alternative renewable energy technology, when we should be gearing up to creating new jobs within this industry and thereby reducing our nation’s dependence on costly traditional fossil fuel-based energy.

This shows the madness of increasing the national speed limit to 80mph, thus burning more expensive and increasingly scarce oil supplies at an even faster rate, which would happen under these proposals.

Stuart Lovatt, the founder of Heat my Home adds “We all like to get to our destinations quicker, but the madness of such policies becomes clear when you step back and look at the bigger global picture, not to mention the environmental impact. The ultimate causes of any future energy crunches and climate disasters will be made by politicians with short-sighted, four-year policies.

Both energy security and global warming problems need to be tackled with much longer-term policies that are in place at the present time. The madness of the above-proposed policies shows that politicians cannot see further than the next election.

Individuals must take responsibility for their own future well-being. Our children’s future world never takes into account when governments plan new policies.

Growth is another aspect of political lunacy. We have already learned that both unrestricted population growth and commercial growth cause planetary bio-sphere destruction, so the world’s politician should not continue to spend billions in the attempt to re-ignite further growth and ultimately, further planetary problems.

Watching BBC’s ‘Question Time’ a few weeks ago, I observed this political ignorance being broadcast to the nation when Dianne Abbot, MP talked about pension schemes in 60 years time.

Looking at the bigger picture, does Dianne actually believe that with the current rate of over-population, the decline of oil supplies and the climate breakdown which has seen a 15-20% rise in extreme climatic events since the 1980’s compared to 1% between 1950– 1980, expecting 60 years of growth at the same rate as the 20th century will allow my children to draw a pension at all?

This type of political talk can now be seen as pure political lunacy when brought into the real world.
Accumulating knowledge and learning from others’ mistakes is what brought about the birth of civilisation, but recently civilisation is not using the knowledge it has gained and our politicians are not learning from their mistakes, which may ultimately lead to the biggest mistake ever made.

We would all like to sit back, relax and think that our political leaders have got everything in hand, but the reality has shown, time and time again, that ultimately we are on our own and must take responsibility for our own futures. In the context of this website, generating your home’s own electricity by using solar panels really is the ultimate show of people power.

If you are serious about reducing your household’s dependence on conventional energy, then I would recommend more financially attractive microgeneration systems such as solar panels and air source heat pumps.

The fight for civilisation is won; the challenge of keeping it has just begun!

Forearmed is forewarned!


"Feel the pride."
October 19, 2011
Founder of Power My Home.

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