Coalition government supports domestic solar panel technology

Last updated on May 16th, 2017 at 08:06 am

“Energy secretary Chris Huhne announced last week, he was launching a review of the feed-in tariffs (Fit) scheme for PV solar technology.”

Domestic solar panels protectedEarlier this month, following growing evidence, that large scale solar farms were threatening future small-scale domestic solar panels projects, such as those found on homes and business, which the scheme was originally intended.

“The building of large-scale solar installations was not anticipated when the existing Fit scheme was launched. I am concerned that a large proportion of the money from the feed in tariff scheme, which was intended only for domestic homes, could be used by these larger solar farm projects instead. New domestic solar installations will be protected, which the scheme was originally intended”.

The feed-in tariff review will look into projects of 50 kW only and does not affect the domestic market for solar panels. If anything the review will protect the domestic incentive for bigger business overwhelming the scheme.

All homes will continue to receive a guaranteed rate of 15.44 pence per kWh per unit generated, whether used in your home or exported to the National Grid, explains Stuart Lovatt from Heat my Home.

An over-popular solar panels incentive scheme

The previous Labour government and the current coalition government have backed the incentive scheme because the technologies have proven to deliver much of the power needed in the UK.

If your home’s roof faces south, then it could be generating power for you and ultimately contribute towards the goal of a third of UK electricity coming from green energy sources.

Mr Hulne added “The solar industry is a vital piece in the green growth jigsaw, and this review will provide long-term certainty while making sure homes, communities and small firms are encouraged to produce their own green electricity. This applies to large-scale projects too.”

Further announcements from the coalition government are expected on the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI Scheme) in April, which will reward people for installing solar heating panels such as evacuated tubes.

The scheme will incentivise homeowners and businesses to generate their own renewable heat using solar panels and heat pumps.

Mr Lovatt, concluded, “This is great news for the homeowner. The government has made a clear and precise commitment to solar technologies and protected the fledgling domestic green energy market.

Solar panels have now become an easy and obvious way to reduce dependency on ever increasing fossil fuel energy, in our increasingly volatile world.”


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