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These articles will hopefully inspire you to join a growing army of people adopting solar panels within the United Kingdom and securing their families long-term energy future.

Preparing for a Brexit crash with solar panels

Monday, February 13th, 2017

“Annoyingly, I can find a positive in any negative situation. Try as I might, I cannot find any positive attributes in store for the British people after Article 50 is triggered.”

Solar panel technologies are Anderson shelters of our time.

Solar panel technologies are Anderson shelters of our time.

As I predicted, the US mega corporations are salivating over our food, water, energy, education, healthcare, pharmaceutical industries and an all-encompassing deregulation wave that will be devastating for the well-being of British people, but fantastic for Trump.

Additionally, a backlash by European-owned energy companies has already begun with higher pricing policies beginning to extend out into the wider economy – warranted or not. (more…)

Solar buyback schemes want your feed-in tariff contract!

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

“Since its inception, the feed-in tariff scheme has seen over 750,000 homes install PV solar panels, but in another extraordinary twist to the story; contracts are now being purchased like Pokemon trading cards.”

Are solar buyback schemes a good thing?

Are solar buyback schemes a good thing?

Beneficial or not?

One proud solar-owner told me that he had been approached by such a company who wanted to buy his feed-in tariff contract for a measly couple of grand under what they called a ‘Solar buyback’ scheme!

This ‘lucky’ PV owner was offered the option of cashing in on his FIT with a tax free lump sum.

I mused that “like the infamous ‘payday loans’ and ‘unlock your home’s equity’ schemes, you would have to be either desperate or ignorant to accept such an offer. (more…)

Fighting in solar panels and green energy’s corner

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

“Twelve years of shouting from the rooftops about solar panels have seen tears of joy, sadness and quite frankly, I have put my life on the line in this good fight.”

Fighting for a solar-powered world.

Fighting for a solar-powered world.


Because a solar-powered civilisation is not only achievable; it’s necessary!

Today, we have secretive, global-wide geoengineering occuring because of forty years of deception to simply keep you blindly shopping.

And like national debt today, the ecological problems get kicked further down the road for later generations to deal with – we are that generation! (more…)

Reuniting Britain under a ‘clean energy’ goal

Friday, June 24th, 2016

“Nobody can tell you who’ll be Prime Minister in thirty years time, but what is certain; is that solar panels, will still be contributing to your family’s future – Ma’am.”

A time for leadership from our royal leader.

A time for leadership from our royal leader.

With this kind of longevity, they can help your family ride out any political upheavals.

People arguing that there is not much sun in the UK – think twice. For the first time, the UK’s solar panels generated more electricity than was produced from coal.

With advancements in photovoltaics today, the realistic prospect of such technologies producing 95% of their generating capacity after 20 years is now proven. (more…)

Upgrading my existing PV solar panels to Solar Edge inverters and voltage optimisers

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

“One of the joys of owning PV solar panels, is that you can sit comfortably in the knowledge that your family is protected despite an energy industry that has no outlook farther than next year’s profits.”

PV upgrading.

Should I upgrade my existing PV system?

Should I upgrade my existing PV system?

So you’re sitting comfortably with your newly installed photovoltaic array, then an unknown company comes along and offers you an upgrade. An upgrade to enhance your PV performance and squeeze a little more juice out of it.

Is this worth the extra expense?

Recently I was asked if it’s worth upgrading an existing PV system to a Solar Edge inverter with voltage optimisers system for £4,000 – no this is nuts! (more…)

The reality of pv solar panels and battery storage in the UK

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

“The wrong people always teach us the right lessons in life and that is especially true when it comes to those who are currently selling the new battery storage and PV solar panels.”

Tomorrow's world today with PV solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicle charging.

Tomorrow’s world today with PV solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicle charging.

This week, the first Tesla Powerwall battery storage system was installed into the lives of a Welsh family.

Unfortunately, in the same week we’ve learned that there are other solar companies who offer and are overcharging for battery storage systems against wildly exaggerated claims.

These types of sales-based companies can often be identified by salespersons with minimum technical knowledge using high-pressure sales tactics. These cold-calling types are only a minority, but who are spoiling for the majority of decent installers in the solar industry. (more…)

Welcome to a new organic solar panel industry

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Solar panels will still be generating once the long abandoned fracking fields and the associated toxicity has leaked into our seas when our children are our age now.”

You'll never find genius in politics.

You'll never find genius in politics.

Solar panels in the UK are fantastic at what they do, and just like the organic food industry; have many corporate enemies who don’t want us all less dependent on them.

The solar and organic food industries have so many things in common and both agree that government policy today is dictated by corporations and not common sense or acting in the peoples best interest.

Putting the obvious aside, I will concede that changes to the photovoltaic incentives recently; have been unhelpful but required. The feed-in tariff was originally designed to incentivize individual households, but due to a technical loophole allowed companies to profit instead. (more…)

Is my roof suitable for PV solar panels?

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

“We all live in boxes. Some people’s boxes are bigger than others, but ultimately, it’s a box that contains our lives.”

Most UK homes have the two main ingredients for PV panels.

Most UK homes have the two main ingredients for PV panels.

Now let’s power our boxes without full dependence on global politics with PV solar panels.

The most important factor concerning your roof’s ability to host solar panels is orientation.

For the best performance of your solar panels, your roof needs to be South or South East, South West in its orientation.

Many also install on a split East/West roof and although this is acceptable, the output of the panels will be greatly reduced compared to a southerly facing roof space. (more…)

Germany’s pioneering solar success story

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

“A farmer once said to me “if I live on a windy hill, it’s crazy not to have the wind generate my power.”

A solar-powered century is within our grasp.

A solar-powered century is within our grasp.

It’s that level of common sense that will project solar technology forward in the next decade, despite Cameron and Osborne’s outdated and somewhat underhanded agenda.

30% of Germany’s electricity output is produced using solar panels. The same northern European country with the same type of climate as the UK. (more…)

Our solar panels are better than their panels

Friday, October 16th, 2015

“The road to a cleaner world has been made especially difficult by commission hungry salesmen with just enough technical knowledge to bag they’re next sale – but don’t lose heart.”

Solar panels are essential for a cleaner greener world.

I developed Heat my Home as a resource for the earliest solar adopters, to help them avoid the pitfalls that come with being a solar pioneer.

Solar panel technology has been that next ‘big thing’ for a few years now in the eye of the salesperson, but the biggest industry lesson learned was; if you’re told “Our panels are the best in the world”, then back away slowly and politely. (more…)

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