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“PV solar panels and EV (electric vehicles) walking hand-in-hand towards a cleaner energy future.”

Dismantling feudalism with solar panels and EV’s

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

“For nearly a thousand years, the energy market has been designed to rip-off the common folk.”

True freedom with EV and PV technologies.

True freedom with EV and PV technologies.

From the first Middle Ages logging Barons to Industrial Revolution coal and then today’s gas and electricity network.

The system has always been rigged to make the peasant class pay a very high price to heat their homes.

Becoming independent from this energy network is far easier today, than at any time in the past and that’s why our feudalist masters are so afraid of solar panels. (more…)

Brexit and the war against energy freedom

Friday, January 27th, 2017

What’s truly amazing is that we still run our civilisation on Victorian technologies – by design.

The war against green energy.

The war against green energy.

‘Trumponomics’ is my description for the push for Victorian era economics in a 21st-century world.

Both the rise of Trump and Brexit were designed by those whose power and wealth depends upon a green energy revolution not occurring.

However, the majority of automobile manufacturers are on board today. The last decade’s anti-green efforts are too little, too late and after the electrically-powered Mustang horse has already bolted.


My solar paneled vision unfolding

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

“The drive to be the biggest ‘green energy’ economy is on.”

A solar century is unfolding - finally.

A solar century is unfolding – finally.

Germany with a similar climate to the UK has actually already won that accolade, as they produce so much power from wind and solar panels that they export excess power to neighbouring countries for free.

This increase in alternative generation also led to a marked decrease in coal-based electricity generation.

Just take a moment to digest those facts. (more…)

PV solar panels and battery storage

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

“Being at the cutting edge of technological advancements means installing PV solar panels with various add-on’s such as PV-to hot water converters, battery storage and even electric vehicles.”

Game changing stuff, with battery storage.

Game changing stuff, with battery storage.

Previously, installing photovoltaic panels on your home meant claiming just the feed-in tariff for exporting your surplus electricity for financial reward.

Although this still applies today, the wheels of progress never stop turning and with the advent of the Tesla Powerwall and SMA battery storage technology.

That cutting edge has become much sharper.

Can you still claim the feed-in tariff if I get a battery system for my PV? (more…)

EV’s, PV solar panels and the beginnings of a free energy revolution

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

“The internal combustion engine was first designed in 1807 at a time when the coal-powered industrial revolution was in its infancy. Little has changed since then – until today.”

It’s easier to seek forgiveness for changing the world than asking permission to do so.

It’s easier to seek forgiveness for changing the world than asking permission to do so.

A fully charged EV (electric vehicle) even without PV solar panels to charge it, can power an average home for approximately two days and potentially earn their owners as much as £800.00 a year using new smart energy technology, says Nissan.

One perceived technological hurdle of having a lot of EV’s on the road is the potential strain on the National Grid, possibly causing infrastructure failure. (more…)

Charge your car for free with PV solar panels

Friday, February 5th, 2016

“We’ve always known the age of the oil-based economy was limited, but EV’s and PV’s time has finally arrived.”

Nobody likes a bully.

Nobody likes a bully.

Austerity has brought the age of the ‘smarter’ consumer and with it comes the gradual progression toward less dependence on tyrants.

Oil-based companies and countries have lied, force their agenda’s on governments and frankly caused human misery on a biblical scale.

I actually feel sorry for these corporate bullies and they’re hoarding affliction because they can never truly find real joy or happiness in life, no matter how many zeros are in their offshore accounts. (more…)

Supercharge my EV with PV solar panels

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

“Powering your EV with PV solar panels is a revolutionary act.”

Are you a leader or a follower?

Are you a leader or follower?

To the ones who see things differently, who have no respect for the status quo.

Glorify, or vilify, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore us now. We are changing things and driving the human race forward.

We are the ones who get on with changing the world – finally for the better.

A world where people generate a good proportion of their energy needs ‘in-house’ is a crazy thought right?

Wrong! It’s even crazier to include the cost of your motoring mileage in such a vision of the future. A future where we are ‘free to roam’ and not tethered to the energy companies that profit from our everyday lives! (more…)