An appreciation of life, love and the missing garden pea

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Arthur C. Clarke wrote that there were only two possibilities exist for the big question of life in the universe: “either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

Take a moment to fully grasp the uniqueness of being alive on planet Earth.

Take a moment to fully grasp the uniqueness of being alive on planet Earth.

If we ever do destroy this planet no one may ever know life ever existed. Life will not only cease to exist, it will be as though it never existed at all. And, there won’t even be anyone to lament the sadness of this.

The Earth is like that tiny little petit pois pea that escaped from your saucepan, bounced away and rolled under your units. All alone in the deepest darkest corner of your kitchen and lying unknown and unappreciated apart from the bacteria that will soon begin to grow, spread across its surface and devour the green sphere without mercy until little remains of its once beautiful existence.

This is a grim analogy of the reality of our planet’s future in the cosmos, as we humans begin to resemble the bacteria feasting upon the peas surface. No longer are we viewed as a species of intelligence as we like to think of ourselves, only continuing to devour and multiply indefinitely without our relationship to the common-a-garden bacteria being compared.

The bacteria devouring the petit pois have no concept that they are actually consuming their way to oblivion once the pea has gone. We, humans, do know, yet still, we as a collective continue the march to planetary meltdown. Tree by tree, car journey by car journey we all take a little away from the ecological beauty that our Earth once was.

That small window in the vast oceans of time where our small, but teeming with life planet is closing, and should a real intelligent species pass by this planet, they will summarise that it had been spoilt by a bacterium like life-form.

The greatest show on Earth – Love

What does separate us from our bacterium cousins is love.

They say: “true love never dies” and from my own experience I can confirm this to be true. The wanting, the needing, the pleasure of finally getting and the unexplainable bond tying two creatures together is the greatest mystery of all time.

Some say it’s chemical and I have no doubt that the Serotonin and other chemicals your body produces gives you the highs of being in love. But that does not answer the question of what is the trigger, what pushed the button and of all the people we encounter throughout our lives, why has this individual sparked something inside me?

Science has many answers and too many questions, but the spark of life and its eventuating cousin the spark of love will undoubtedly remain unexplainable. The reason love exists is easy, my son is a testament to that, but biological reproduction can and will occur easily without the presence of love, so reproduction of the species is not the whole story to this mystery.

The survivalists would argue, that love is an especially was in much harder time’s during the human history, the reason one creature loves another, and this may be especially true with pets. However, as crimes of passion show, this can swing both ways on the survival-o-meter.

I love being, “in love”, but I have to admit it does cloud my judgement and affect my day to day thinking which could be used more productively. I call it extreme daydreaming because one moment I am thinking about normal day to day stuff, then without warning, you’re in my thoughts again.

This can be great or this can be an extremely negative emotion when that special someone is no longer there. I call it the six months come down from hell, simply because it does take literally six months before your brain can even begin to think about the real world again. Your post-love self will always long for that period of your life when love was present and this can be very traumatising.

Deciding whom we ‘fall in love’ is out of our control, how long we stay in love is equally uncontrollable, as external forces outside the relationship will always put negative pressure on those who are in love.

But the true appreciation of true love’s power comes not by its inception, but by its resilience. This can be seen with couples who have lived through wars and long-term prison sentences. They say: “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and it’s this unique ability of love’s resilience to even weather long-term absence that makes love the greatest show on Earth.

There are as many love stories throughout human history as there are stars in the galaxy, (well technically this isn’t true, but you get my drift). However, the death of our planet may also be the destruction of love itself, which by virtue may only be a unique characteristic of life on Earth.

Two possibilities exist for the big question of life without love: either we keep it and treasure it or we go it alone. Both are still equally terrifying prospects.


"Feel the pride."
August 17, 2013
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  • Dave

    Poor Polly. Nobody loves you, and you don’t love anybody. I think there is something missing from your life: Love!

  • Polly

    The word “LOVE” is utterly meaningless. There is no sensible description of its meaning that I have ever seen. Hence, any writing that contains that word is pointless!