An alternative apocalyptic view to 2012

“The countdown to apocalypse has begun and everyone is waiting in great anticipation for the ultimate end of humanity’s great evolutionary story. Not convinced? Well me neither.”

Alternative Mayan Calender

Alternative Mayan Calender

If there are no asteroids on the horizon or biblical floods heading our way, the coast for humanity may not yet be clear as ‘the beginning of the end’ may have been misinterpreted as ‘the actual end’.

The whole 2012 apocalypse originates from the Mayan calendar which may or may not have been translated correctly, but when you look at the message with the perspective of hindsight, maybe the Mayan people predicted the beginning of the end?

A modern person can never see the world through Mayan eyes, but the Mayan civilisation had the ability to predict population growth through experience and shared generational knowledge and thus see mankinds eventual effect on the world around.

Through coincidence or calculation, the Mayan calendar has exactly predicted the year with which humanities destructive effects on The Earth have reached a significant tipping point in its four and half billion year history.

Even in the times of the Mayan, Aztec, Inca, Moche, Tiwanaku, Chimu people of South America, the destructive force of humanity on the environment must have been obvious, with population growth probably as obvious to them as it is to us today.

For a few wiser elders or leaders of the Mayan people, who like us may have remembered times when the population was much lower and cliché coming up, “when times were better” the sight of the new populated cities continually expanding and growing and the devastating effects on the environment around them must have been clear to them too.

Imagination and scale is the key to unlocking the Mayan calendar puzzle.

In a much smaller scale where the size of your world stretches from the East Atlantic coast to the WestPacific coast it doesn’t take much stretching of the imagination to expand the environmental damage done by each expanding generation.

Watching the ants as they devour the carcasses of the Lama showed the calendar creators that the size of the consumer is irrelevant when in large enough numbers.

In a pre-Columbus South American world, with large civilisations interacting with each other, the curious minded of those times, would have pondered on how many generations it would take to influence their small world so it could no longer support them.

Little did they envisage the true size of the Earth and unfortunately for them, the arrival of ships from across the great Ocean.

A tale of two worlds, a story of one Earth

Every generation in the human story has watched its populations grow beyond what they remembered as children with the exceptions of war, famine and plagued times. Little did the Mayan people when carving their calendar know the true scale of the Earth and the true scale of human population to be, but the Mayans did recognise the impact of humans on the world around them.

With all our modern technologies and intellect, we are only now beginning to grasp the true nature of our unabated growth strategy and the ramifications of it. The apocalyptic vision of the ‘beginning of the end’ has come true as we now stand on the tipping point of environmental degradation.

2012 has been the year where even America and China have woken up to what’s in-store as the climate begins to change beyond all recognition, and our satellite technologies record in ‘High Definition’ the surface changes of the planet caused by our industrial-scaled activities.

As the gases steady build up in our wafer-thin atmosphere and the associated cause and effects, already apparent in our ability to sustain life on Earth, we will year on year see the degradation of our ability to feed ourselves, support wildlife and ultimately sustain the bio-sphere as a whole.

Already political talk has been hinting at replacing our diminishing oil reserves with much higher polluting coal, so our thirst for energy is very literally burning up the planet, as the levels of parts per million of Co2 already continue to climb above a record breaking 400ppm.

2012 may well prove to be the beginning of the end, as the environmental scales now tip against us, and as we continue to exploit any and every natural resource to keep our modern civilisation alive, regardless, we may be witnessing not the end, but the beginning of an ending chapter!


"Feel the pride."

Solar Stu on
Founder of Heat My Home.