The world needs of common sense; the world needs solar panels

“In need of common sense, a world in need of solar panels and other alternative technologies.”

I am not a fan of football myself, but some people including myself think goal line technology in the game is just common sense, although some people prevent this from happening.

Solar panels in a crazy world

Solar panels in a crazy world

A banking system, which does not gamble other people’s savings off, is another example of common sense thrown out with the dish water, even after the economic crash, people still prevent this happening.

The largest and most fundamental bewilderment are economic growth. With our newly acquired eyes in the sky, we can for the first time in history look down upon ourselves in virtually god like detail. We can see our impact; we can see we have nowhere else to go.

We can see that unrestrained economic growth is an almost certainly a short sighted strategy at best, or a path to a planetary hot house hell at worst.

Solar panels make common sense

Regular readers will already know that my topical, and favourite, common, sense subject is solar panels and other alternative technologies.

Again, some people may disagree, but despite our modern society already creaking and cracking under the burdens of our present oil addiction, why are we not using this technology to at least fill in the growing cracks we see appearing?

The getting together of solar panel technology and modern civilisation is like trying to match up two single friends who you know would be ideal lovers, but for some strange reason they never quite manage to make the connection, like a terrible 1980’s will they, won’t they, TV series.

Here, one particularly straightforward, common sense idea, and Mr Cameron or Mr Osbourne can take this one for free:

“The UK economy needs manufacturing. Britain and the rest of the world needs solar panels pronto, so let’s combine the two together and give a 0% VAT rate on UK manufactured solar panels and other alternative technologies.”

What the government loses out on in VAT revenue will make back from earnings via job creation, business creation and increased manufacturing capabilities and thus also tackle the issues of rising unemployment, energy shortages and environmental concerns in one brawny policy.

Maybe this new thinking could be rolled out to other British manufacturing industries, maybe?

In the name of national energy security, this would cut down the costs to UK home owners while strengthening up the UK solar industry ready for a mass export strategy long-term. Exporting such technologies as the world begins to choke on unaffordable oil prices is just, dare I say it, common sense.

We are all passengers on a planetary scale bus, driving headlong into a wall. The convergence of environmental, economic and peaked oil supply problems is the cause and effect of a humanity that have become detached from its roots.

The relentless drive forward, without concern for the bigger picture I think, is a side effect of democracy.

For all its merits, democracy, which has unintentionally put blinkers on our leaders, and lead to a short mass sightedness of the entire human species? Long-term problems cannot be solved by politicians only looking at re-election in 4 years time.

Is the system democratic system to blame for the apathy towards environmental, economic and peak oil inaction?

Common sense and money

In my previous articles, I touched upon the subject of greed and excessive money hoarding being a mental illness. If a man has a house stacked up to the ceiling with newspapers, we call crazy. If a woman has a house full of cats we call her nuts, and by the same token, when a person pathologically hoards so much money that they impoverish others, we call them role models.

I am not saying wealth creation is a dreadful thing, but I am saying the excessive compulsion of a few to prevent the rewards of capitalism from ever seeing the light of day again is.

“This excess fruits of capitalism should be used to tackle the problems capitalism has created.”

When we look at the world through common sense goggles, the stupidity of our situation is mind blowing.

The way we blindly follow a minority of people, who for the most part are pathological hoarders when exposed in the clear light of the day is shocking.

When we truly open our eyes, then we realise we’ve been led down a path of ignorance leading to a cul-de-sac of woe. The problems we have left for the next generation is down to ignoring common sense.

This is not a conventional rant about the virtuousness of solar panel technology. This is my wake up call to the world, because the people who defy logic, common sense and reason in most matters, wait for it, are the minority.

Mankind has the intelligence to put men on the moons, but not the common sense to protect our only planet. There is enough generated wealth in the world to make the essential changes needed.

The £400 billion, given to banks since the credit crunch, could have used to green up every home in Britain. A green war chest. This wealth, actual tax payer’s wealth now sit hoarded away, but which could have been used to fund a real technology revolution at a time when we desperately need to reduce our impact on the earth and find a way to reduce dependence on short lived oil abundance.

An opportunity missed, or another example of the minority over ruling common sense?

Common sense in our withering world is as rare as in the universe as intelligent life itself.


"Feel the pride."

Stuart Lovatt on
Founder of Heat My Home.