A game-changing week for solar panels

“Get them while they’re hot.”

This has been a week of good and bad news for the solar panel industry.

Sunrise or sunset for the industry?

Sunrise or sunset for the industry?

From day one, I have always cautioned that the incentives available for solar panels were a window of opportunity and those smart enough to take advantage of the opportunity will be rewarded financially and self-righteously for decades to come.

The uptake of photovoltaic solar panels in particular have been steadily increasing year on year thanks in most part to the ‘Labour’ inspired feed-in tariff scheme. However, this new ‘Conservative’ led government is almost certainly going to sweep away the incentives currently on offer.

With a well-acknowledged biased towards the fossil fuel industry, I would be surprised if the current incentive scheme isn’t closed to new applications sooner rather than later. As I originally predicted, a window of opportunity is still currently open, but a Conservative led wind of change – will slam it shut.

Get a quote now while they’re hot and protect your family from the world’s volatile energy markets long-term. Unfortunately, short-sightedness inflicts politics today.

Well done Britain. Don’t get sick under this new government!

Politicians can’t impede progress – no matter how much they try!

The future has finally arrived.

However, I doubt I will ever get that Back To The Future style hover board, but the prospect of a world not solely dependent on burning stuff to power our energy-hungry lives may just have been solved.

Reassuringly, solar panels will be at the heart of that worldwide revolution, despite ‘The Conservatives disdain for green energy technology because one of the world’s greatest innovators Tesla motors has solved one of the biggest problems of domestic power storage.

An easy-to-install and wall-mounted power plant for your home has been the holy grail of green technologists and when developed successfully, will bring the down the domination of the fossil fuel industry in less than a decade.

Elon Musk and his team at Tesla motors have solved this challenge with an ‘affordable’ sleek looking electricity storage power plant which will transform the viability of PV solar panels overnight.

As the incentives for solar panels seems now to be doomed, this technological breakthrough will ultimately replace the feed-in tariff incentive and all within the same week – the universe works in strange and mysterious ways.

Mr. Musk has hinted that he will be mass-producing his game-changing technology as soon as possible and the same fossil fuel lobbyists who bought Mr. Cameron’s ear must be quaking in their over-priced boots.

Technology was always promised as the ‘big fix’ for the ‘global warming’ problem. Climate change as a term has replaced global warming and pushed by a ‘pro-fracking’ media to take the sting out of the tail of the problem – I digressed.

So a solar panelled future looks to be a major part of ‘saving our civilisation’ from the ravages of politics.

If a car company produced a car that needed no fuel, then that would be a game-changer. We currently have this today with the steady progress of electric cars.

Additionally, if someone also gave you the ability to power your car and your home up for free, without relying on expensive energy companies, then that’s a tipping point for revolution. Your fuel saving alone would pay for the technology.

Solar panels will be at the heart of this change. That’s why I love this technology. The Scottish National Party, like solar panels used to be considered ‘the underdog’. How things change, eh!

The future is uncertain, but what is certain is that this new government will continue to subvert the problems caused by ‘the global warming’ problem, Britain will increasingly become a low wage economy and solar panel use will grow alongside Tesla’s game-changing technology.

Like I said, a week of good and bad news for the solar industry, but just like Christianity spread far and wide from Rome in the dark ages, solar panels will spread virally with Tesla’s factory as the beating heart of a new ‘age of light’.

Unfortunately, it won’t come in time before the new Tory government ‘frack up our countryside’. Well done Britain, you have literally condemned the last of her beauty to a slow and chemically induced death with no benefit to the size of your energy bills.

Fracking will have the same impact on your energy bills like the manufacture of your Nike’s in China lowered the cost of your shoes – that’s not at all!


"Feel the pride."

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  • Andrew

    Labour would have bankrupt the country. Once the Conservatives realise there’s money to be made for their pension pots they will back solar in the same way they support the biotech industry.

  • Karl the brewer

    Let us hope then that market forces, Elon Musk and pressure from other pro-solar countries come to the rescue and speed the inevitable.

  • Your correct about UKIP, it is a political party based upon fear and decisions based on fear are never a good thing.

    It doesn’t matter if newly elected MP’s are good. They have to tow the party line and the party line is anti-green, business as usual, appease Mr Murdoch at all costs so he can help them with the 2020 election.

    Uncoincidently, Mr. Murdoch is pro-fracking and keeping the status quo because he has financial interests in it.

    The Sun readers have been duped again.

  • Karl the brewer

    I am trying to think positively, if the Tories are going to be bad then UKIP would have been a disaster for the environment. Lets hope that there are a few newly elected Torie MPs who can think for themselves and apply some pressure.