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Schematics for (PV) photovoltaic solar panels

Breakdown of annual yield.

Jan - 2.9%
Feb - 5.2%
Mar - 7.7%
Apr - 10.8%
May - 13.2%
Jun - 14.0%
Jul - 13.5%
Aug - 11.6%
Sept - 9.0%
Oct - 6.2%
Nov - 3.6%
Dec - 2.4%

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(PV) Photovoltaic solar installations schematics.

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How does this work?

Sunshine technology. Sell electricity to the National Grid with grid connected PV systems. Generate electricity for yourself and export the excess power to the National Grid, which you will be paid with the feed-in tariff scheme. Amazingly, you will be paid even if you use the power yourself.

Sunshine technology. You can put the panels together to make a system ranging from a minimum of 1KW going up to a max of 5KW for domestic installations, producing from 750 kWh to 4500 kWh per year. Commercial sized installations range from 5KW to 100KW sized systems.

Sunshine technology. With no moving parts, this technology lasts for many years with no maintenance required.

Sunshine technology. Once installed, your system will be at your service for 25-30 years in the UK climate.

Battery storage systems?

There are brilliant battery storage systems on the UK market that are tried and trusted around the world. PV solar panels and battery storage devices are an option to consider in addition to the current feed-in tariff incentives. Our trusted installers will be able to advise you on both options.

Battery storage & PV solar panels

Can PV heat my home?

PV to hot water converters can heat up a traditional hot water tank using a clever device that diverts some of your generated daytime electricity toward your heating coil. This is beneficial because it eliminates the need for your boiler to heat your water and is an additional way of benefiting from this fantastic technology.

PV to hot water converters

Photovoltaic panels work even on most cloudy days.

A time-served installer once told me this analogy for thinking about electricity in the network.

"Exported electricity is a bit like cats! It goes wherever the food is best."

In reality, it's just electrons bouncing up and down a cable. They leave your house because your home does not need them and head for straight for the nearest source that does, usually your neighbours.

The need to reduce dependence on imported power, should be your motivation for installing a pv solar panel system. Different people have widely different reasons ranging from the usual green aspects to preparing for retirement.

This is the most fantastic aspect of this type of investment. The super-long lifespan that exceeds the longevity of even your mortgage.

I personally think, remaining fully dependent on the network, especially long-term would be a mistake. One thing I have learned since I have been working on this Heat my Home project, is how delicate the global energy market actually is. Climate, terrorism, wars, global politics and many other unforeseen events have the potential to disrupt what we have all become so accustomed too.

They say "forewarned is forearmed" and it is this that I ask you to consider when pondering if you should purchase an installation. Revolutionising the way you think of energy is paramount, and since I have thrown myself into the world of solar panels, the number of homes with them on their roofs have shown me that many other people think the same too.

The key to a successful solar panel installation is research. That is why I have been determined in my quest to develop this web site as a useful resource for enthusiasts.

Always get three quotes, never sign up for "special deals on the night" and compare what type of PV panels you are installing on your roof. Photovoltaic panels can vary on performance and price, but I am pleased to announce that over the years, I managed to help tens of thousands of people contact trustworthy installers and get quality panels at a reasonable price.

Your current energy supplier can only guarantee your import costs for a couple of years at the most. Definitely time to find a more long-term solution.

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All our MCS solar panel installers are RECC scheme (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) members and work throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

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