The joy of solar panels and their benefits within the UK climate.

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EV charging with PV solar panels UK.

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"PV solar panels and electric vehicles are both growing in popularity side-by-side. The joy of free motoring mileage and powering the home using the sun - superseded expectations."

Home of the solar savvy.

Solar Panels Installations & Installers.

Sunshine technology. Check your roof orientation

PV solar panels.

Technology that last longer than your mortgage.

PV solar panels, also known as photovoltaic panels operate even on cloudy days in the UK and in some cases heat up your hot water tank. These are the most popular form of sun-powered technologies today and will still be generating for their owners - three decades from now.

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EV & PV charging.

PV-powered electric vehicle charging.

EV chargers are bringing the power of the sun to the motor vehicle industry. This real game-changing technology can be combined with photovoltaic PV solar panels to bring free motoring miles to families across the UK. Our electric vehicle charging points can be installed with or without solar panels.

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Evacuated solar tubes.

A super-efficient system for water heating.

Evacuated solar tubes are an alternative water heating system, developed especially for northern European countries. Vacuum heating tubes use the sun's radiation, to heat your tank or swimming pool and contrary to popular belief, actually work throughout all four seasons.

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Thermodynamic solar panels.

Combining heat-pump and solar heating.

Thermodynamic solar panels are a hybrid technology that takes over from your boiler's job of heating your hot water and central heating. This considerably reduces the use of expensive fuels to heat your home. This system has the ability to work any time day and night.

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Sunshine on a cloudy day.

Powering my home with solar panels

"When I was researching the topic of solar panels in the UK, there were no helpful websites on this subject."

Fast forward twelve years and my enthusiasm for this technology has grown exponentially alongside the global and national demand for them.

Creating Heat my Home has led me to meet many people within the solar industry, some good and some not so. Nonetheless, the wealth of knowledge I have gained, alongside the combined knowledge of our contributors can hopefully empower you too.

I aim to make investing solar panels as easy as possible. The questions I have asked and the answers I have heard are all here for your benefit.

What installing solar panels on your home really feels like.

Sunshine technology. What benefitting from solar panel technology really feels like.

If I could encapsulate the most important thing to consider when choosing a preferred technology and installer, it would be to do your homework on both because 'not all panels are the same' and the 'ethical standards of installers' vary greatly. Always get three quotes and compare data sheet's.

This is why I connect people with ethical installers via our 'get a quote' service.

Most importantly though, we hope this information can help give you the confidence to ask the right questions, get the right system and certainly at the right price.

Affordability of course is relative, but if you are lucky enough to be able to install a solar panel system, then this is certainly the best time to do so, as incentives are available.

Once you have installed, you'll be able to ride through the next three decades without fear of world events that will undoubtedly affect the cost of powering and heating your home.

However, the most unanticipated aspect that gets reported time and time again, is the pride felt once those solar panels are firmly attached to the roof.

"The fight for civilistion is won;
the challenge of keeping it has just begun!"

Stuart C Lovatt
Founder of Heat my Home.

MCS solar panel installers

For your peace of mind.

Peace of mind when investing in a solar panel installation can be found by using a properly accredited (Micro-Generation Certification) MCS solar panel installers. The MCS accreditation was created to set high-standards within the renewable energy industries not only for the technology, but the installers too.

All our MCS installers are RECC scheme members and work throughout England, Scotland and Wales. We are happy to help from the early stages of quoting to our fantastic after-sales customer support teams.

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