The collapse of the petrodollar

September 9th, 2014

“If you were unlucky enough to be living in Russia during the end of the cold war, you would have seen those with previous wealth begging for food, KGB agents and the police abandoning their posts to protect their families and mobster rule quickly replacing the old communist authority rule.”

Is the world turning its back on us?

Is the world turning its back on us?

But a Soviet Union style collapse couldn’t happen here right?

After world war two and during the 1950s and 60s, the US and Britain were a beacon of hope for the majority of the world. Although an iron curtain had fallen over Europe, most countries of the world held us in high regard for standing up to the Nazi and Japanese oppression.

Today the majority of the world view the US and Britain as the oppressors, the evil empires and this may come as a surprise, but the close ‘special’ relationship with the US, that our country is so proud of, could be our undoing.

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The sun is our friend, but could also be our foe

September 4th, 2014

“For tens of thousands of years, the biggest worry of any community or early civilisation was men with swords on horseback. Today’s equivalent of this life changing event is an X-flare from the sun.”

Not a case of if, but when!

Not a case of if, but when!

Only this week the sun has been highly active and a flurry of solar flares emanating from enlarged sunspots have given modern humanity a light show of cosmic proportions.

Although most solar flares are directed away from the Earth and usually of a lower class that cannot penetrate the planets magnetic shielding, larger, more intense eruptions called X-flares can penetrate the atmosphere and overwhelm us with electromagnetically charged particles.

Our National Grid, is a true symbol of our modern civilization which enables us to carry electrons to power our modern lives to all but the remotest of places. This original web spanning cities, countries and even continents, is basically a planetary-scale antenna device. This antenna is our civilization’s strength and Achilles heel. Read the rest of this entry »

A paradigm shift in thinking about solar panels

August 21st, 2014

“Upon finding out my schoolboy nephew had got his first paid job, I realised that most of his hard-earned wages would be spent on mobile phone credit. What a shame, no fun stuff, just boring old phone credit. This got me wondering about the rest of us.”

A paradigm shift can be as easy as looking up rather than down.

A paradigm shift can be as easy as looking up rather than down.

It would seem that the same situation is occurring with Mr and Mrs average homeowner and their energy bills. The big difference between the gas in your pipes and my nephews phone credit is phone credit has never been cheaper and still falling – whereas energy costs are on an exponential climb.

If ever a paradigm shift was needed in the way we all heat and power our homes, it would certainly be now. But history shows, such dramatic change in thinking never happens overnight, nevertheless, the drip, drip, drip of transition, always speeds up to become a deluge eventually. Read the rest of this entry »

A small issue of PV solar panel degradation

August 7th, 2014

“A common sales tactic used by salesmen within the solar industry is panel degradation. This issue should actually be a very small consideration when choosing a potential installer.”

Better technology and improved techniques reduce degradation.

Better technology and improved techniques reduce degradation.

Degradation is commonly sold as a big issue, but most modern panels as I will show, have degradation rates so small that it should only be a tiny consideration for you, yet the overall price of the installation should be more worthy of your investigative powers.

To begin investigating the panel degradation issue, it’s important to know exactly what the terms “degradation” and/or “Power or Performance Warranties” mean as these industry terms will be used by installers and salesmen when presenting their photovoltaic systems for your consideration.

Degradation is the term used to describe how the efficiency of a panel will deteriorate over a period of time due to the effects of weather, UV light exposure, ageing and pollution, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Greed may have consequences for the solar industry

July 23rd, 2014

“I am proud to be an early adopter and user of the internet and I am equally inspired by the same pioneering spirit within the solar panel industry today.”

The internet then, the internet today.

The internet then, the internet today.

Like the early internet before it, there were people ready to take advantage of new people venturing into a world of unknowns. Most pioneers can and do learn quickly and manage to avoid the pitfalls of a new landscape.

However, the same company names using salesmen from the double glazing school of salesmanship and charging disproportionate prices, sometimes in excess of 30 percent more than is deemed ethical, keep cropping up.

On the positive side, this makes the lives of good solar installers easier, but generally, such behavior, leave people confused and distrusting of this still fledgling industry.

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