Greed may have consequences for the solar industry

July 23rd, 2014

“I am proud to be an early adopter and user of the internet and I am equally inspired by the same pioneering spirit within the solar panel industry today.”

Banksy's interpretation of greed.

Banksy's interpretation of greed.

Like the early internet before it, there were people ready to take advantage of new people venturing into a world of unknowns. Most pioneers can and do learn quickly and manage to avoid the pitfalls of a new landscape.

However, the same company names using salesmen from the double glazing school of salesmanship and charging disproportionate prices, sometimes in excess of 30 percent more than is deemed ethical, keep cropping up.

On the positive side, this makes the lives of good solar installers easier, but generally, such behavior, leave people confused and distrusting of this still fledgling industry.

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Fracking in national parks illustrates our energy desperation

July 9th, 2014

“They say ignorance is bliss, and it was, but now the signs that we are on the wrong side of our civilisation’s peak are everywhere.”

The road ahead is directed by signs.

The road ahead is directed by signs.

The first word on this web site’s home page is “preparing”! I created this site as advanced news that the North sea oil and gas fields had ‘peaked in its production’ capabilities.

The chancellors recent ‘incentives and subsidies’ for the small-scale oil and gas companies, to tap into the last of the smaller oil fields (deemed uneconomic to the big exploration companies) is extremely telling.

Most signs that reveal our way of life is in trouble are subtle, some you have to read between the lines, but generally speaking, most people choose to ignore them.

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Pride in your work and striving to find the best solar panel installers

June 26th, 2014

“Throughout my life I have always been the best or strived to be the best at whatever job I had been doing at that time, so it annoys me when others don’t.”

A brighter road ahead with a quality solar installer.

A brighter road ahead with a quality solar installer.

During my earlier years in the world of work, I have worked on a factory line and produced more each shift than my colleagues, I have worked in a web development company and produced better designs for my clients and even within the solar panel industry, I sold more than the others within that particular company.

This I put down to my enthusiasm for the technology that was somewhat lacking with my colleagues at that time.

Unfortunately, pride in your work and customer satisfaction doesn’t come easily to some people. Thankfully for the solar panel industry, the quality aspect of both the technology and its installation, is not something you need to worry about today. Read the rest of this entry »

Does the power of prayer come from above or the restless mind?

June 20th, 2014

“What you think is what you’ll become.”

These words encompass the only preaching required in modern schools.

Keep religion out of our schools.

Keep religion out of our schools.

The mind, even the adult mind is like a toddler. You can direct it in any direction and the mind will eagerly follow that path.

Unfortunately, this can lead down a path of negative activity or to more beneficial and positive attributes.

For thousands of years, people in power have recognised this and have been indoctrinating young minds ever since. Ask a Christian child why they are Christian? Ask a Muslim child, why they follow the Islamic faith? Read the rest of this entry »

Solar panel technology on trial

June 12th, 2014

“Amazingly, many people still hold the old world view that solar panels are a wasted investment both personally and nationally. This has never been further from the truth, as I will prove beyond reasonable doubt.”

Today I will put solar panel technology on trial.

Keep calm and go solar.

Keep calm and go solar.

Your honour – One of the biggest injustices that the solar panel industry has had to endure during its fledgling years, is the sticky issue of subsidies. Unfortunately, it’s been under attack from the mainstream media that have their own agendas.

The reality is that Britain has become the world’s fifth largest subsidiser of fossil fuels at a cost of £2.6 billion with an additional £280m in VAT tax breaks this year alone. These perverse amounts of money are never mentioned alongside the comparatively small solar energy subsidies which the aforementioned media love to complain about. Read the rest of this entry »